About us

Burnout is real.

Many of our friends have scored jobs at companies offering free food, gym memberships, and unlimited time off (AKA no time off). Despite all the perks, the majority of them were leaving in less than a year. So what’s going on? Why don’t people like their jobs?

We believe that when people click together they stick together.

To promote these connections, we bring interactive and delightful experiences into the workplace. We want work to become a place where people can regularly step outside the daily grind, step outside the expected, and do something amazing together. We want people to fall in love with work.


Neta Zwebner


Neta worked as a producer for over a decade. She partnered with clients like AOL, HBO, and BBC and screened films at Cannes, Tribeca, and Sundance.

Daniel Magriso


Daniel is a veteran technologist and product manager. His SaaS work has been used by Microsoft, Apple, and IBM.

Advisory board

Scott Booth

Scott is the Founder of Lead Edge Capital. He led investments in companies like Uber and Alibaba.

David Hirsch

David is a Managing Partner at Compound Ventures and was one of the first hires at Google’s NY HQ.

Oren Frank

Oren is the Co-founder and CEO at Talkspace and was named one of the Top 50 Most Important People in the Health Industry by Time Magazine.

Ran Harnevo

Ran is the Co-founder and CEO at Homeis and former President of
Video at AOL.