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Can you captivate a workplace?

At Speakizi we’re searching for talents who can bring magic to NY workplaces.
We’ll give you the platform to get discovered by leading local companies.

Can you bring something NEW into a workplace?

If you can inspire, entertain, and connect office team members, we want YOU! Your passion is ours as well. The more far-out, the better.

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At Speakizi, we bring engaging speakers to keen offices. We connect you with leading companies in New York.
Expand your professional network and get more business than ever
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A few questions you may have
Do I need to pay anything to apply?

Nope! It’s all free. There are no membership fees.

How do I get paid?

We handle it for you! You don’t need to worry about paperwork and chasing clients. We collect the money from the client upfront. One working day after the event, we transfer you your payment minus Speakizi’s 20% fee.

What kind of talents are you looking for?

We encourage all unique talents to apply. We want our talks and workshops to bring magic to the office! But you don’t have to be a magician to inspire and entertain an office team; Speakizi’s team consists of experts on business, design thinking, physiology, theater workshopping...everything!

How do I price my service?

You choose! You set a fixed price for your experience. Based on our clients’ budgets, we suggest pricing at $1,500 or under.
We ask that you commit to our best price guarantee; this ensures that our clients can rely not only on our speakers’ quality, but also their affordability.

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