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Speakizi gives companies a subscription to awesome, community-building experiences. From magic and improv to leadership and design thinking, our delightful events build corporate culture and we want you to lead them! As one of our go-to presenters, you’ll get discovered by leading, local companies who will want to hire you for consistent, well-paying gigs.

How it works

  • Submit your application.
  • Your proposed experience is reviewed. If we’re interested we’ll ask you to present to us so we can experience it for ourselves!
  • Once you’re accepted, we’ll make you a custom profile
  • We match your profile with thousands of companies in your area and recommend you to the ones we think would be the best fit.
  • Start getting booked immediately!
  • We put you in direct contact with clients via your Speakizi dashboard. Find a time, lead your experience, and we’ll pay you after the event.
Apply to become a speaker


What is a “Curated Marketplace”?

“Curated”: We vet each speaker who wants to join, and accept the best onto the Speakizi platform! For more information on the application process, read the following FAQ.

“Marketplace”: We are not an agency, which means we don’t screen bookings. Any speaker can be booked by any company! We do some custom matching by company request, though most of the bookings through the site are done independently.

What’s the application process?

1) APPLICATION: click the “Apply to become a speaker” button on our “Become a Speaker” page and describe your experience by filling out the short form. Our team reviews your application and if we like what we read, we’ll invite you for a demo call.

2) DEMO CALL: this is a 45-minute video call in which you’ll present to a Speakizi team member as if we were a typical corporate audience. The video call format can be an odd medium for some workshops, but we’re used to it. If we like your demo, we’ll invite you to join Speakizi!

3) FOLLOW-UP MATERIALS: send us profile materials like photos, testimonials, and social info.

4) PUBLISHING: Our content team creates a beautiful experience page for you and starts promoting you to leading local companies!

Tell me more about this demo call.

Your demo call will be conducted via video call, and is a shortened version of your actual activity. You'll be presenting to one or two members of the Speakizi team who will assess 1) your presentation style and 2) the content/outline of your activity. We value entertainment and education in equal parts, so engage us while teaching us something useful!

In particular, we seek interactivity and specificity in your demo call.

INTERACTIVITY. As you teach us, involve us! We don't like being talked to - we'd rather be engaged in the conversation. After you introduce a new concept, conduct an exercise to illustrate your point.

SPECIFICITY. Some experts feel that in the one activity they apply with, they have to display their entire breadth of expertise. No! We want specificity. Dive deep into a niche topic. Nowadays, everyone knows a bit about everything. We scroll headlines and get the gist. What we’re looking for in your demo call is all that fascinating information that you’ve gleaned from your years of expertise, information that laymen wouldn’t know.

*Some notes on shortening your presentation*

Our goals are to gain a good idea of what the audience will experience, in terms of the workshop's general structure and your own presentation style. It's fine to cut out some information. The 2 worst things to do are: 1) try to fit in ALL 1-2 hours of your information into 45 minutes and 2) present just the first 45 minutes of your workshop. Instead, present a pared-down, start-to-finish version of your workshop, pausing to take us through a least 2 exercises. Just talk us through any activity that won't be feasible on a video call (either due to the format or time restrictions), explaining such things as how an audience may usually respond, and what you look to accomplish with a certain exercise.

Do I need to pay anything to apply?

Nope! It’s all free. There are no membership fees.

What do I get paid?

Providers of talks, professional skills workshops, and personal development workshops receive $1000 per event, and providers of movement or creative classes receive $500.

We have a set pricing structure. That means no per-person pricing, though you can set a participant limit. Set your limit at its absolute maximum to ensure you show up in as many searches as possible.

How do I get paid?

We handle all payments; no need to worry about paperwork and chasing clients. One working day after the event, we transfer the payment directly to your bank account.

What about my materials and their cost?

You must bring with you all the necessary materials for your workshop (handouts, creative materials, etc), and the cost of your materials must be included in your speaker fee of either $1000 or $500.

You cannot ask or require the client to print materials; however, you can ask them to provide foundational necessities like a suitable space, projector, technical hookup, etc.

What kind of activities are you looking for?

Maybe a better question is - what talents aren’t we looking for? We hire experts on business, team building, communication, creativity, wellness, improv...but here are the qualities we look for in each activity:

1) ENGAGEMENT. If no one wants to pick up their phone during your activity, we’ll accept you onto our platform.

2) EDUCATION. Teach participants something new. Twist their perspectives. Introduce new concepts!

3) PARTICIPATION. As you teach participants, involve them! Rather than talking at them, engage them in the conversation. After you introduce a new concept, conduct an exercise to illustrate your point.

4) ACTIONABLE TAKEAWAYS. Participants should leave your experience feeling like they have the tools to keep exploring your topic. That can mean a format, an action plan, or actual materials they take out of the session. Speakizi isn’t promising to make participants experts on a topic in a 2-hour workshop, but we do promise to ignite their curiosity and start them on a path to expertise if they decide to pursue it.

5) SPECIFICITY. Some experts feel that if they only offer 1 workshop on our platform, it has to be as general as possible. No! We want specificity. Dive deep into a niche topic. Nowadays, everyone knows a bit about everything. We scroll headlines and get the gist. What we’re looking for is all that fascinating information that you’ve gleaned from your years of expertise, information that laymen wouldn’t know.

6) CLARITY. Our most-booked activities have titles that clearly explain what they are and how audiences will benefit. If an audience can easily comprehend what you do, you're more likely to get booked.

7) QUIRK. Be unexpected! We live in an age where information is readily available, so people want to be surprised more than ever. Be delightful, be new, be honest, be passionate!

What type of experts work with Speakizi?

We work with individuals, rather than with companies. One individual is the face of their own experience, and we don't allow any swap-outs of presenters.

That said, we don't make you erase all mention of your company. If you have a company, you can mention them in your bio which is featured prominently at the top of your profile.

Where does Speakizi operate?

We’re based in NYC and SF. That means we work with companies and talent based in those markets; we love working with local rockstars!

We don’t cover travel for bookings located in NYC or SF (because there really isn’t any). We cover compensation for the occasional out-of-town booking on a case-by-case basis.

Do I have to be based in NYC or SF?


Can I conduct an event via video?

No. We are a platform for in-office activities, so you will present on location; we don't do remote conferencing unless specifically requested by a client.

What’s the booking process like?

1) CLICK: Companies can book you by clicking on the “I’m Interested” button on your experience page.

2) BOOKING REQUEST: They’ll then enter the relevant details of the event (name, address, expected number of participants, etc) and up to three dates and times they’d like you to come to their office, then submit their booking request. You’ll receive the booking request on your dashboard as well as a notification email.

3) CONFIRM YOUR AVAILABILITY: Confirm your availability for one of the requested dates; if you’re not available for any of them, reply to the client and reschedule.

4) HOLD THE DATE: Once you’ve confirmed your availability, reserve that date/time for 48 hours in order to give the client time to pay. Once they’ve paid, the booking is 100% finalized!

5) CHAT: You can chat with the client on the dashboard up until the event. Keep all written communication on the platform, though we do recommend scheduling a phone call (off the platform) prior to the event!

6) PAYMENT: Within 24 hours after the event, your speaker fee will be automatically transferred to your bank account. No running after clients for payment!

How long can my workshop be?

1 hour, 1.5 hours, or 2 hours.

Who's a typical audience?

Keep in mind that HR managers will be booking you to present to their offices. They're hoping to educate and engage their current employees and increase employee retention.

This means that activities relating to entrepreneurship, career changing, and breaking into new industries isn't relevant for Speakizi's audience.

What's a typical audience size?

Since all activities are on-site, a typical audience fits in a common area. Audiences typically range between 10-60 participants, though some may be smaller and some larger.

We don't do per-person pricing. Clients pay a set price for an activity. You can, however, set a limit on participants. If you do, set your limit at its absolute maximum to ensure you show up in as many searches as possible.

How does customisation work?

Speakizi experiences are pre-packaged and leave little room for customization. The outline of each activity is even published on each profile.

We do this because: 1) Companies are more likely to book when they know exactly what they’re paying for, and 2) It's awesome for you, the speaker; you don’t have to prepare much before each event.

Can I offer multiple activities?

We encourage each speaker to offer one activity. If you want to offer multiple activities, you'll need to submit one application per activity.

Do I present my own material?

You're the expert, and your intellectual property is your own! We want you to apply because we're interested in hearing what YOU have to say.

We also don't accept activities in which speakers present others' intellectual property, such as trademarked assessments or curriculum (DISC®, C-IQ®, etc).

What if a client wants to book me again after their initial booking?

If the company initially books you through Speakizi, Speakizi retains that relationship and all subsequent corporate bookings should go through the platform.

So, why should I work with Speakizi?

It's easy, and you're in great company. This is a community of some of the most incredible experts (and companies!) in your area. We love helping local talent connect to thirsty-to-learn local companies.

You don’t have to worry about marketing yourself or connecting with clients.

Our subscription service works both to get you booked by companies who wouldn't otherwise book you AND means that as our speaker community grows, your own number of bookings will also increase.

Minimal travel! You can fit a Speakizi workshop into an otherwise productive workday.

You'll expand your client base with minimal effort.

Take your talents to the next level and tap into a whole new clientele