Awesome Team Building Games for the Office – Part I

July 18, 2017

Having fun at the office is not always realistic, and most team building games are usually lame. But it doesn't have to be like that if we have a say about it. Have fun with your team with these awesome carefully curated office games

Team building games that don't suck

Have the time of your life with team-building games that don’t suckAre you looking for new ways to bring your employees together? Are you trying to find ways to encourage everyone to get to know each other or just a way to liven up the gloomy tired faces around the office? Well, we’ve got you covered, with the 4 absolute best, most insanely fun teaming-building games for you. Of course we are aware that many lists out there have made the same claim, but THIS list was curated based on 3 useful criteria, 1. Simplicity 2. Ease of setup 3. General awesomeness. You can thank us later.

And you better believe that each game was rigorously tested by the Speakizi team… You know, for quality assurance. All games are suitable for a professional office place, and they are fun enough to play on a regular basis! No matter how serious your workplace is, we highly recommend to try some play time, because nothing unites a group of people like some good old fashioned fun. These specific games also encourage psychological safety, a proven key factor in employee engagement, by letting everyone be a little silly together without fear of judgment.

“Switch sides if…”

Why it works: It gets the energy flowing, since everyone is standing and moving

around, and for some reason, it’s really fun to find random commonalities with other people.

How to play: Using tape, make a long line on the floor. Have everyone stand together on the same side to begin. Then, start asking questions to the room: “Switch sides if… you are the oldest child”, “switch sides if… you hit snooze on the alarm this morning.” Switch sides if… you like country music.” For a different version of the game, ask questions that are either positive attributes or that are slightly embarrassing.  Everyone gets to snicker when only 1 person admits they love country music and all the “I’m not a morning person” people always have a good laugh as well.

Find a full list of the best Switch Side If questions here.

“Fish Bowl”

Why it works: This is hands down the most hilarious game ever to make inside jokes. Without fail, it gets everyone laughing outrageously. Being able to get silly is the best way to get people feeling more comfortable around each other.

How to play: Basically when “charades” meets “taboo.” Split the group into two teams, and every person gets 3 small slips of paper. Every person writes on each slip of paper a familiar word or short phrase, and put them all in a bowl, (hence the name… “Fishbowl…”) and to win the game, teams compete to guess the words on as many of the paper slips as possible during 3 different rounds. Much like charades, 1 person from the team stands at a time and has 45 seconds per person to make their team members guess what’s on the paper slips. When all the slips of paper have been used, return them all to the bowl and begin the next round. The rules of each round:

1st round “Taboo”: The player can say any words except words written on the paper slip.

2nd round “Password”: The player can say ONLY two words (still can’t say the words on the paper slip.)

3rd round “Charades”: The player can say no words, only act and gesture.

4th round: (Optional): the player can only act and gesture using another person (from the other team). This is probably the funniest round, but you’ll have to use your judgment if that much physical contact is appropriate for your workplace.

“Cards against humanity”

Why it works: Take it from us, BUY A DECK and keep in around the office. Best ROI on $20 your company will probably ever spend. You won’t be sorry. Again, nothing will get people laughing like crazy easier than this game. It has no real stopping point, so you can play for 5 minutes or for 5 hours to get belly-laughing around the office. Slightly fewer insides jokes than fishbowl, but it’s requires zero set-up or creativity to play.

How to play: Perhaps you’ve heard of it. It’s like an adult-themed Apples to Apples. If you don’t know that game either, then read the instructions booklet when you buy your deck.

“Charades in ‘your office’ theme”

Why it works: the game is a classic for a reason. However before the party poopers keep scrolling, make this game “your office themed” and have super fun words that everyone around your office would be familiar with, like “the boss’s beard”, “night shift” “broken coffee machine” “quarterly reports” anything else slightly funny/annoying around your office.

How to play:

In case you missed out on having a childhood, this game is played by dividing the group into two teams. Each player draws a word/phrase from a hat and has 45 seconds to make their team guess as many words/phrases as possible.

Stay tuned for Part II, and don’t miss our Icebreaker questions that don’t suck post.