Five Quick Tips for Retaining Top Millennial Talent

October 2, 2018

Five changes you can make today to keep Millennials (and the rest of your team) happy, motivated and on board.

If you’ve been listening to the media lately, you may think you know a lot about Millennials: the allegedly lazy, narcissistic 20- to 30-somethings who spend their days posting endless selfies to Instagram and splurging on avocado toast.

If you look at the latest research, however, you’ll see a very different picture of this generation. According to the 747 Insights study, Millennials care deeply about their work, want to positively impact the future, and are key drivers of change for businesses. But with 43 percent of them planning to leave their jobs in the next two years, most companies are struggling to keep their top talent.

Since the Millennial generation makes up the largest percentage of the workforce, companies can’t be competitive without learning how to keep their younger employees loyal. Below we’ll tell you about five changes you can make today to keep Millennials (and the rest of your team) happy, motivated and on board.


Embrace Flexibility

Get inspired with a change of scenery.

From allowing employees to work at home to offering flexible schedules, workers of all generations will appreciate having a little wiggle room when it comes to how they spend their work days.

If you give your team the option to sip iced lattes at their favorite hip cafe while working from eleven to six, you’ll give them an energy-boosting change of scenery that will increase their motivation, morale and productivity. An added perk is that offering telecommute days can help your business save big on office supplies and utilities.


Have a Powerful Social Vision

Show you care.

If you think your company’s social mission can’t possibly be that important, think again: 76% of this generation say they would take a pay cut in order to work with a socially responsible company.

To show employees that you care about the world we live in, consider an eco-tourism destination for your next company retreat. Or have a monthly service day where employees clean up a neighborhood, plant trees, or volunteer at a local non-profit. Seeing your commitment to creating change will reignite your employees’ passion about where they work.


Offer Opportunities for Personal Growth

Unify your team.

We’ve all participated in dreaded team building and other personal development activities that feel like a waste of energy, but that doesn’t mean the impulse behind them isn’t relevant.

Millennials aren’t satisfied with just a paycheck: they want opportunities to grow as individuals and to improve their skills. Hosting creative activities designed to build your team and provide a sense of personal growth can be deeply rewarding.

Worried that you don’t have the time or knowledge to plan these sessions? Check out Speakizi’s unique programs. (We have everything from horticulture and Jello art to expert seminars on how employees can empower themselves). If you’re not sure where to begin, tell us about your needs and we’ll choose the perfect Experience for you, whether it’s for your weekly happy hour, monthly team meeting or quarterly get together.


Commit to Wellness Initiatives

Take wellness seriously.

Research has shown that when companies invest in their workers’ health and wellness, they see gains in efficiency and increase their bottom line. From onsite yoga classes and treadmills to increased sick days or more generous parental leave, there are many ways to show your employees how much they—and their wellness—mean to you.


Sing Their Praises

Tell them what they mean to you.

In the age of social media, reputation is important to Millennials. When you hire a new employee, send a press release to give them the visibility that they deserve. Making time to praise your team (or individual team members) on social media also creates good PR for your company while making your team feel appreciated.

Finally, use this tech-savvy generation’s talents to your advantage. Encourage them build their personal brands by writing for your blog, putting together articles for industry publications and participating in other visible leadership opportunities.

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