Last-Minute Ideas to Cheer Up your Holiday Party

December 10, 2017

With minimal effort you can make your office party extra special!

Good job! Your office party is all planned — you’ve got decorations, food, and music. But you can always punch it up! And with these tips, it’s so easy. With minimal effort you can make your office party extra special!

This is your office’s REWARD for the year! Think, what aren’t employees allowed to do at work? Now let them do it!

Usually your team has to work a full day….
So end the day early and start partying at 4 pm! By ending the day early, you’re emphasizing that your people come first. You can sacrifice a little productivity for their sake.

And it’s just plain practical: since the party’s not after hours, more people will attend.

Usually your team has to stay sober…
So let them drink! Set up an office bar.

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Usually your team has to dress for the office…
So let them dress down — and then let them dress up! Relaxing the dress code will help get everyone in the mood for an office party. Supply a basket of costume accessories, like funky hats, glasses, and scarves.

Click here to buy an assortment of costume accessories — so that even the office dog can dress up.

Make Memories

Scatter some disposable cameras around the room!

Place disposable cameras around your party – then mail them out to get developed.


In our opinion, Fujifilm quicksnaps are the best quality for money out there. Strong flash, great for low light (like office parties!) and sharp images.

Then, when everyone returns from the holiday break, you can make a photo memory wall to remind everyone of the fun they had!

Even easier than buying cameras is developing them. You can just mail them in! Click here to find out where.

Surprise everyone in January with a photo wall

Movie Room

Add an easy-to-set-up movie room in a separate room! Let your employees throwback to their childhoods.


How to do it:

  • Set up a projector to play the movie against a blank wall.
  • Pop popcorn in the office microwave
  • Supply theater candy
  • Put out beanbags and blankets
  • You can even string up some fairy lights!

Showing a movie is a nice break from the hubbub of a party. It’s a good options for office introverts, or as a retreat for when the party begins to wind down. Choose a holiday classic, like It’s a Wonderful Life, to keep with the holiday mood.