Popular Holidays to Celebrate in the Office This Fall

September 14, 2017

See what companies are celebrating this season

Popular holidays to celebrate in the office this fall

Holidays are the perfect excuse to bring everyone on the team together

Don’t miss the opportunity to bring your office together with all the upcoming holidays this fall. From classic to whacky, there are many holidays that lend themselves especially well to a workplace environment and can actually be the perfect excuse to spend some quality time together as a team. Use these days as a time to learn something new or hone professional skills that will help grow your business.

We gathered data from tech companies in NYC and rounded up the most popular holidays they’re celebrating this autumn! Need ideas for how to get everyone on board for an office party? Check out 4 cool and easy tips from psychology to improve employee engagement.

Holidays: the key to a positive workplace

You can dramatically improve your office culture this season by celebrating more often. No matter how trivial, cute holiday gatherings are an important part of employee engagement, social bonding, and making your work culture more positive, which is linked to lower turnover, higher job satisfaction, and increased productivity, creativity and collaboration between teammates. Holidays are the perfect excuse to bring everyone together, so don’t miss out on the opportunity.

Holiday guide: top 3 parties for fall 2017

At Speakizi we’re all about making your life easier by providing the tools you need to make your office culture ever more amazing. That’s why we put together this quick guide on how to use the upcoming holidays to your best advantage.

Coffee Day – October 1st
Coffee day

Setting up a coffee station is easy

What’s better than a cup ‘o joe in the morning? A cup ‘o joe on the house!
Invite everyone to a morning “coffee shop” session with a speaker on the topic of energy and wellness. Set up an attractive “coffee station” so people can sip their own java creations while they listen. All you need is a few flavored creamers, some fun toppings (think caramel sauce or sprinkles) and a bottle of whipped cream! Get the coffee itself in a convenient 96oz takeaway “carrier” from Starbucks.

Add some extra dazzle by putting your company’s logo right onto everyone’s coffee! Custom coffee art stencils are cheap and easy to order – find them on Etsy.com. Simply order your stencils and sprinkle over your coffee with cocoa, cinnamon, or even brown sugar.

Pro tip: Take things in an Irish direction with a bottle of Baileys (a little won’t hurt productivity, we’re all adults here!)

Halloween – October 31st

Dressing up isn’t just for kids

Already thinking of ideas for your Halloween party? No, Halloween isn’t just for kids! Don’t let another year go by where the most people do is wear cat ears at their desk. Shake things up with a Burning Man theme party at the office! Book a makeup artist and let everyone’s imagination run wild. Put out Gatorade, salty snacks, and encourage everyone to get their festival attire on. A great way for everyone to “let loose” and connect more personally.

Thanksgiving – November 23rd

Thanksgiving is the time to make your office feel more like a family!

Give your team the gift of mindfulness… Though Turkey day is traditionally thought of as a family holiday, don’t miss the perfect opportunity to make your office feel more like a family. Host a happy hour on the week of Thanksgiving to raise a toast! Pop open some bottles of Martinelli’s (honestly… who doesn’t LOVE Martinelli’s?) and invite TEDx speaker, author, and renowned expert Pandit Dasa to teach your team the science behind mindfulness and teach them how to dramatically increase happiness, harmony, and productivity in the workplace. Your team will leave feeling united, balanced and inspired after having the opportunity to begin using the techniques during the session!