Cancellation policy

Cancellations by Hosts

Hosts may cancel a Booking and receive a refund or partial refund as follows:

A Booking will be deemed to be cancelled when the Host clicks the “confirm cancellation” or similar button on the Booking page, which may be found in the Host’s Account Dashboard.

Cancellations by Speakers

If a Speaker cancels a Booking, Speakizi will refund the Provider Fee for the cancelled Booking to the Host. Speakizi may apply penalties to the Speaker for the cancellation as stated in Section 9 (Cancellations and Refunds) of the Speakizi Terms of Use.

Cancellations by Speakizi

Speakizi reserves the right to cancel a Booking in order to (a) protect the safety of its users (including both Hosts and Speakers), the Speakizi Site or the public, or (b) in case of a breach of (or to prevent a breach of) the Speakizi Terms of Use or Speakizi’s published guidelines and policies.

Terms & Applicable Fees

All cancellations are subject to the Speakizi Terms of Use, including without limitation, Section 9 (Cancellations and Refunds). Refunds of Provider Fees to Hosts may not include Service Fees charged by Speakizi and may be subject to any fees charged by the applicable Payment Processor and any applicable taxes.

All capitalized but undefined terms used above have the definitions given to these terms in the Speakizi Terms of Use.