The Teambuilding Treasure Hunt
A puzzle-solving mission for corporate professionals who need to get to know each other better
Dave Blum
180 minutes


  1. INTRO
  2. All participants will get involved in a few get-to-know-you icebreakers and a brief team commitment
  4. A two-hour-long, trust-building treasure hunt! Answer questions on topics like science, pop culture, physiology, and history, get clues, and solve your team puzzle.
  5. WRAP UP
  6. Participants will debrief, get awards for their work in the treasure hunt, and then finish up with a team appreciation exercise.



“Dr Clue’s virtual hunt experience motivated our team to work collaboratively and solve really hard challenges, while having a lot of fun!! I loved the energy I felt from the very first moment, I was so involved in every challenge that time went by super fast. I left the experience feeling energetic and more proud of being a part of my team. Dave is a great organizer and I totally recommend his virtual treasure hunt to bring teams closer. Thanks again!"

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