Active Listening, Presence and Assertive Communication
Focus in on those winning communication strategies
Jen Oleniczak Brown
60 minutes
Time management and productivity
Improve communication
Develop leadership
Fun and bonding
Inspiration and motivation
Mindfulness and meditation
Boost creativity
Engagement and preventing burnout
Facing challenges and taking risks
Dealing with organizational change
Develop empathy
Interviewing and hiring
Out of the box activities
Storytelling and presentation skills
Transparency and building trust
Improv class

In times of discomfort and crisis, we have to take care to control the things we can. In this case, we need to remember we can’t control the way others communicate – just how we respond to them.
Active listening and thoughtful responding are two incredible ways to tap into our own skills and build connections in an authentic manner. In this program, we’ll dive into how we show we are listening and complete group activities that build active listening skills.
Presence plays a large part in how you are perceived. By taking the space that belongs to you, you can convey a confident nature – and – work on calming the nerves that pop up when we’re playing smaller than we should be. Through prompts and conversation, we’ll tap into what our presence currently feels like, and how we can take more space.
Finally, assertive communication is the “best” communication style – how do we work on our selves to direct our communication into “assertive” in the most natural and authentic manner? Replication isn’t enough. Let’s get there together in this interactive online class.
Participants will need access to a computer and Zoom. You are welcome to be “on camera” as well (come as you are! We’ll be in yoga pants, most likely!). If you’re uncomfortable on camera, you’re welcome to participate via audio connection.


Development of active listening and communication skills.


Activities, ideas, prompts and tips for ‘what next’ – actionable items to continue learning!


Zoom/Internet connection. Experience can be recorded for replay!