Beauty-food Cooking Class

Learn to cook for inner and outer wellness

Provided by:
Jenna Levine

New York

1 hour

Min people: 10

Max people: 35


Price: $30 per person

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In this delicious experience, certified botany and herbal medicine expert Jenna Levine will introduce a variety of ingredients ranging from exotic to familiar. In a fun and interactive way you’ll learn the value, uses, and nutrition of each and have the opportunity to apply this information to make both culinary and skin care preparations with these very ingredients! Participants will be left nourished with the confidence and the knowledge to start cooking for beauty.

About Jenna

Growing up in a household with her father, a surgeon and professor of medicine and her mother, a talented cook whose style was rooted in the Hipporcratic axiom, “Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine”, Jenna was inspired by the nutritional and experimental activity of cooking. She became her mother's sous chef and by age of 11 had added edible face masks to her repertoire. 20 years later, Jenna is now the founder of the natural skincare line, LINNÉ botanicals, a certified student of botany and herbal medicine and still cooking. Drawing upon the shared wisdom of my mentors Jenna is eager to share her knowledge of plant nutrition, human health & beauty.

What to expect

Anywhere between 1-6 recipes can be created.

  1. Overview of cooking for beauty
  2. The holistic approach to skincare and beauty
  3. Kitchen time – Small groups will each create a recipe with Jenna’s help
You'll be surprised by

How food can change your skin!

  • Learn how to eat for radiance
  • Healthy and delicious
  • Fun
  • Highly engaging
Important Information

A Sanitary workspace suitable for food preparation is required for this workshop.

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Price: $30 per person