How to Sell Without “Selling”

Apply Voice Over techniques to your business' sales script

Provided by:
Laurie Nicolls

New York

1.5 hours

Min people: 5

Max people: 20


Price: $1500

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Within our voices, we hold the great power of influence. It is actually possible to learn to use your voice to make someone feel concerned, caring, friendly, genuine, inspired, mellow, motivated, nostalgic, smooth, sweet, thoughtful, upbeat and everything in between! In this exciting workshop, you will learn exactly how to use techniques that Voice Over Actors use in commercials to make them sound more natural, friendly, and approachable. You will leave with the tools and confidence you need to use your voice to your best advantage both at work and in your everyday life.


About Laurie

I'm a Voice Over Actor living in NYC and I LOVE what I do. You can hear my voice in over 20 animated shows and movies, including Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Robocar Poli, and Alisa Knows What To Do. And if you still listen to the radio, you can hear me in Discover Card commercials.

What to expect
  1.  Intro: overview of tips and tricks to make you sound more natural and not “selly.”
  2. Each participant will then get up and apply those tips and tricks to actual commercial copy.
    Each participant will get up again and use what they’ve learned with the commercial copy, and use it on your business sales script. Everyone will get individualized attention and guidence.
You'll be surprised by

How much fun you’ll have


Highly engaging
Improve your company’s sales script
Learn to tap into the power of your voice

Important Information

This experience will be fun, active, and highly participatory.

Some type of sales script for your business is required for this workshop. If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to reach out to Laurie to discuss.

All of the commercial copy is provided in this experience.

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Price: $1500