Corporate Body Art
A hands-on self painting workshop that will spark your team's collective creativity
Melissa Munn
90 minutes
Fun and bonding
Inspiration and motivation
Boost creativity
Engagement and preventing burnout
Out of the box activities


Have fun with me while I lead your team in a hands on activity of learning how to paint your company’s logo on their arm!

I will teach you different brush and sponge techniques to activate your inner artist and get creativity flowing!

After we get the basic logo down, we can use our creativity to add some fun flair to each logo so everyone’s artwork will be personalized.

You will be so surprised at how art opens up creativity and leadership, and how much fun it is to paint! At first participants may feel surprisingly shy and want to get it “perfect” but my workshop promotes and expands the concept of creativity and how it links to a company culture that promotes creative problem solving and taking risks!


  1. INTRO
  2. Melissa will give a short summary of her artistic background and an inspirational story on how she built her painting business to over a quarter of a million dollars.
  4. Each student will need a small face paint kit to recreate their company logo. We can customize kits to accommodate your company colors and provide link as to where to purchase. Melissa will then give instructions on how to use each item in the kit. PLEASE NOTE: you do not have to paint on your face! Her designs can be easily recreated on arms and hands and will quickly wash off with simple soap and water after the workshop.
  6. Melissa will teach participants how to recreate their company logo on a template, on which they can then use to practice their new artistic skills. Then, everyone will learn, step-by-step, how to freehand your company logo.



Required from you: Each student should be seated at a table and either have their own purchased supplies or we will provide a link where supplies can be purchased. Speakizi clients get a discount on face painting kits! Each kit will have the individual colors and brushes needed to facilitate your company’s logo.