Design Your Leadership Work Plan

Design and manage a plan to become your own best version of a leader

Provided by Tammy Dowley-Blackman
1.5 hours

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About this Experience

Effective leadership is the common factor in all successful companies, but leadership represents something unique to each employee. Tammy Dowley-Blackman will reveal the multi-faceted nature of management and teach your teach to design personal leadership styles which will benefit the whole workplace. By sharing stories of leadership and participating in interactive activities, each participant will create their own individualized leadership plans to take them to the next level professionally.

About Tammy Dowley-Blackman

Tammy is a former professor and senior fellow of nonprofit management at Boston University, Cambridge College, and Lesley University. ABOVE ALL, she is passionate about nurturing the best leadership of our generation. She's led many organizations to success, including the tdb Group and TSNE MissionWorks. As the Founder and CEO of Looking Forward Lab, Tammy offers leadership development training and consulting to companies, educational institutions, and social agencies.

What other offices had to say about this Experience

"Tammy is the best mentor one can have...She provides Fellows with a thoughtful and meaningful experience that helps them grow as professionals, prepares them for career transitions, builds their professional network, and positions them for successful careers."

Program Officer, Nellie Mae Education Foundation

February 2018

"Tammy's leadership as Director of the Proteus Fund Diversity Fellowship provided me with a deep and thorough understanding of the philanthropic sector. And, even more importantly, Tammy's adherence to excellence gave me a model of what true visionary leadership in the workplace is all about."

Deputy Director, MA Policy and Budget
February 2018

"Tammy Dowley-Blackman is a wise and seasoned consultant who has worked with City Mission for over eight years. She has helped our organization successfully reach many of its strategic goals. She moved our Board of Directors to action enabling us to accomplish our goals."

Executive Director, City Mission Boston

January 2018

"[Tammy] was able to help us take on our various areas of focus and work with our stakeholders to assemble a worktable strategy to plan for the future."

Executive Director, Haley House

October 2017

  • An actionable, personalized leadership plan
  • An exposure to new and effective leadership styles
  • Team bonding though interactive exercises
  • Indentification of each participant’s areas of strength and growth
Important information

Screen, projector, pen/pencils and papers for participants.

What to Expect
    Examine “”leadership”” from different perspectives.
    Learn Tammy’s unique story, and why she’s passionate about nurturing leadership in all forms.
    Through multiple exercises, each participant will identify their areas of strength and areas for growth.
    An interactive planning session in which participants will determine their leadership path for the future.
    Q&A and summary of the leadership training