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Design Your Purpose

An introduction to Design Thinking and how to apply it to finding your purpose

Provided by:
Rinat Sherzer

New York

1.5 hours

Speakizi price: $1000

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About this activity

Design Thinking is a creative approach to problem-solving. It is a methodology that combines the forces of both the right and left side of our brain as well as the power of collaboration. Your team will learn this methodology and begin to reframing challenges into opportunities. The solutions that come at the end of this process are innovative, inspiring, and surprising! This is an eye-opening experience where participants will leave feeling inspired and energized with a new sense of purpose.

About Rinat Sherzer

Rinat is a co-founder of Of Course, a conscious innovation lab building smart systems with long-lasting impact. Businesses are the driving force of our society. Rinat taps into that power to solve some of the most pressing issues of our time. Her proprietary methodology, The Social Sprint, leverages businesses' existing expertise to tackle challenges in a creative, innovative and profound way. This methodology has been widely spread and taught in some of the most prestigious universities such as Cornell, Harvard, Cooper Union, NYU as well as global companies such as Pfizer and Capital One.

One of the best workshops I have attended here at Columbia :)

Anna, MBA student, Columbia University

What to expect
  1. Immersive experience
    Swimming cannot be learned by reading about it. Neither can transformation. We combine human-centered design, experiential learning, and systems thinking, leaving each participant with a mindset shift and innovation tools to create positive change.
  2. Refresh on organizational purpose
    Through mapping and storytelling, we shine a light back on why your business exists.
  3. Your purpose
    In this fun and immersive workshop, each participant will go on a journey of
    uncovering his or her unique skills and interests.
  4. Integration
    Together we will understand how to express and leverage individual and organizational purpose to create business success.


Great for...
  • Acquire new tools to spark business ideas based on passion
  • Feel empowered by connecting to your unique skills
  • Build strong collaborative bonds in teams
  • Improve interpersonal communication
  • Get motivated and inspired
You'll need to provide

All necessary materials for the workshop are provided (such as post-its and markers as well as light snacks).

A projector or screen, plus walls to post on, are required for this program.

  • Anna

    MBA student, Columbia University

    March 2018

    One of the best workshops I have attended here at Columbia :)

  • Islam Aboutaleb

    Project Manager, Capital One

    November 2017

    This ​workshop ​was ​the ​most ​fun ​corporate ​training ​I’ve ​ever ​been ​to!

  • Olivia White

    CEO, 41 Winks

    October 2017

    Working ​with ​Of ​Course ​gave ​our ​company ​a ​whole ​new ​sense ​of ​purpose. I ​have ​never ​felt ​so ​excited ​about ​our ​company!

  • Lee ​Kim

    Global Congress Lead, Pfizer

    September 2017

    Of ​Course ​is ​an ​impactful ​business ​that ​truly ​transforms ​our ​lives ​through ​creating connections ​between ​ideas, ​people ​and ​through ​their ​involvement.

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Check availability

Speakizi price: $1000

No additional fees!