Time Management Lunch and Learn
Choose from a number of topics to help employees do more and stress less.
Alexis Haselberger
90 minutes

During the interactive lunch and learn, employees will learn a variety of tips, strategies, techniques and methods to increase productivity and decrease stress.
Interactive activities allow for self reflection and to create a personalized action plan to take away.


Participants will come away from the experience with armed with new tools to help them do more, and stress less.


Topics available:

  • Task Management
  • Why task management is essential to time management
  • Components of an effective system
  • Prioritization frameworks
  • System Maintenance
  • Planning – the importance of, and specific techniques
  • Minimizing Distractions and Increasing Focus
  • The science behind distractions
  • Techniques for minimizing distractions
  • Techniques for maximizing focus
  • Productive YOU: Using Your Natural Traits to Improve Productivity
  • Learn how to use your natural traits to boost productivity
  • Discover where you are on a variety of spectrums that affect productivity
  • How to select strategies, techniques and tools that will work for YOU based on these natural traits
  • Learn about how to better work with people who exhibit different traits than you


If virtual: no requirements

If in-person: a projector/TV, pens for participants, printed copies of a PDF workbook I will send


Alexis conducted a kick-ass time management workshop with our team recently. It was a detailed, 4 hour workshop, held remotely during our company's business and professional development offsite. Although she was teleconferenced in for the workshop, her warmth radiated via video, and the team remained fully engaged for the duration. Alexis came into the workshop very well prepared, knowing our tools, our processes, and our objectives. We came away with a wealth of ideas for improving individual management of time and general team efficiency. We left with some solid takeaways, and "homework" for the team. I would recommend Alexis without hesitation to other companies looking for effective time management coaching.

Precision Content Solutions, Inc.

Alexis facilitated a great management skills course for my team focusing on two themes: task management and managing without micro-managing. The material she provided was relevant and helpful and she is also able to thoughtfully expand with deeper discussion. My team found the guidance, advice and tools that she recommended useful and we are looking forward to scheduling another session with Alexis soon.

Alter Eco

We were lucky enough to have Alexis present her Time Management workshop to a group of our Generation Workday employees here at Workday. She targeted the focus of the subject matter exceptionally well to address the unique needs of an audience with technical and non-technical backgrounds. I have had several attendees come back to me to let me know they are trying one or two of Alexis' suggested techniques for simplifying the huge amount of data we are presented with daily. I actually adopted one of Alexis' strategies for staying on top of my to-do list and have been able to keep track of many otherwise loose threads. Thank you Alexis!