Dream Wild

Dreaming big takes more than a just leap of faith

Provided by:
Michelle Herrera Mulligan

New York

45 minutes



Price: $1000

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How can you overcome your past to create a different future? How can you meet the right mentors and supporters to help you make your vision real? What does it take to find your biggest audience? With her open and encouraging teaching style, Michelle will answer all those questions and convince your audience to take a step toward a successful future!

About Michelle

Mulligan is a writer and editor with 20 years of experience. Her essays and articles have reached more than 1 million people online and in print in the past two years, in publications ranging from Cosmopolitan, The New York Times magazine to Elle.com. She was the founding editor in chief of Cosmo For Latinas magazine, and built a community that consistently reached 2-3 million readers per month online and more than 100,000 on the newsstand. A frequent college speaker and writing coach, she feels especially inspired to work on projects focused creating a vision, owning one's voice, and building a dream, which she spoke about at a TEDx conference hosted at Barnard College.

What to expect
  1. Introduction to dreaming wild
    Why dreaming wild is the answer.
  2. How to dream bigger
    Let your imagination run wild, take risks, and be a leader.
  3. Conclusion
    Tools to start dreaming big today!
You'll be surprised by

How inspired you’ll be!

  • Learn something business-related
  • Gain tools to apply to your everyday life
  • Highly motivational
  • Highly engaging
  • Funny
Important Information

Notebooks and pens are recommended but not necessary.

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Price: $1000