Dress Code: Style Made Simple

Expert styling tips on how to dress more confidently for the workplace

Provided by Dina Scherer
1.5 hours

About this Experience

Looking put-together is often the missing link to professional achievement! In this engaging workshop, your team (both women and men) will learn how to navigate the evolving world of “business casual” by shaping the impressions they make with their look. Dina will use her experience as a top NYC stylist and image consultant to teach your whole office handy tricks to refine the messages they send with their looks.

About Dina Scherer

Dina Scherer is an NYC Image & Wardrobe Stylist and Personal Shopper. She works with women and men to elevate their confidence by defining a polished style, and a curated wardrobe that closely reflects their personality and lifestyle. Her company, Modnitsa Styling, has been featured in the New York Times and SWAAY; she was recently chosen to be a part of the British Airways “BA Insiders” campaign.

What other offices had to say about this Experience

"I will honestly say that the experience with Dina has been life-changing...As a 50-year-old male I thought I had a good idea of what to wear...[but] because of Dina's professionalism, precision, and encouragement, not only do I have the foundations of a new wardrobe but I learned how to take it forward myself in the process. I couldn't be happier with Dina, her process, and the outcome. I will certainly work with her again and recommend her highly."

Digital Product Developer
February 2018

"After more than a decade in casual work environments, I needed some help transitioning to a more formal look and putting outfits together. Dina is extremely knowledgeable and helped me to think about my style choices in a completely new way...She was warm, well-prepared, and thorough!"

Commercial Science Writer
January 2018

"Dina is delightful company with an outstanding "eye" for what works and what doesn't in one's appearance. I highly recommend her."

December 2017

"Dina is personable, upbeat, and professional. She made me feel comfortable and gave me a new appreciation for putting some extra effort into my appearance. Highly recommend!"

Art Director
October 2017

  • A toolkit of applicable fashion tips to use in any situation
  • The knowledge of how to dress to influence others in specific ways
  • An understanding of your personal color palate and body type
  • A handout of Dina’s top 5 best strategic style tools, so you can review at home!
What to Expect
    Gain a deeper understanding of how you’re perceived by others, based on how you look.
    Tangible suggestions and tips you can start putting into practice immediately to make adjustments to your look – so you can align how you come across with how you want to be perceived.
    Dina’s top 5 best “”strategic dress box”” style tools on how to elevate your confidence through your look.
    Let’s answer your questions!