Empathy – The Art of Human Connection

Learn how to skyrocket employee engagement and passion

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Chris Schembra

New York

1 hour


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About this activity

In this revolutionary program, you’ll discover the key to increasing creative collaboration, decreasing employee turnover, and skyrocketing employee engagement. Spoiler alert: they key to all this is empathy. Renowned expert Chris Schembra will demonstrate how lack of empathy had led to isolation, insecurity, unfulfillment and low productivity in the workplace. He will also share exactly how to make a change in your office! The realizations you’ll have in this session will bring your team closer together, making people feel less isolated, more connected, and more fulfilled at work. Unlock your employee’s passion!

About Chris

Chris Schembra, known as “The Empathy Coach,” is a sought-after social influencer, and executive coach. 

He is the Founder + Chief Question Asker of the 7:47 Club, an organization which helps small business owners build, grow, and ignite their community. Since its inception the 7:47 Club has awakened over 2,500 leaders and sparked over 210,000 relationships.

He serves as an influencer for companies like Dell and American Express and writes on wellness for Arianna Huffington's Thrive Global. He has led social campaigns with over 900,000 participants, and the projects he has been associated with have won 10 Tony Awards, 7 Emmy Awards, and a Grammy Award.

What to expect

 1/3 employees would change companies for equal pay/position if the new company was more empathetic. In this one hour interactive keynote each employee with will find their WHY, find their passion, find others in the organization that share their passion, and give voice to someone who has helped them get where they are today.

  1. Chris’s personal journey: The story of 1978. Learn how he became a secure, connected, whole human being not from looking within, but from looking AROUND.
  2. An interactive discussion about empathy.
  3. Group exercise- members will write down their “passion”, and “philanthropy”, before discovering who can they connect with at the office to make collaborate with.
  • Increase in sales and productivity
  • Turn learning into action
  • Skyrocket employee engagement
  • Create more profitable long-lasting employee relationships
  • Make more money
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Increase employee loyalty
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Price: $1000

No additional fees!