Face Art
Learn how to paint faces like a pro!
Melissa Munn
60 minutes
Fun and bonding
Mindfulness and meditation
Boost creativity
Facing challenges and taking risks

Let’s have some fun together and learn how to do face painting! Now is a perfect time to spread joy and fun through the art and whimsy of face painting. Let me show you all my best designs, tips, and techniques for a fabulous face design! Do you have an idea where you would like me to create and teach a custom design? Now is the time to sparkle!


Face painting is a fun, creative and relaxing activity for both the person painting and the person getting painted. Learn how to tap into your creative inner flow and let go through this fun and addictive art form. Learn how to be in the moment by being present and focusing on creative art form that brings fun and satisfaction to so many people!


We can create curriculum for any theme: superhero, animals, fairies, your brand’s logo, the sky is the limit!


You will need a small kit of face paint, either already purchased or we can provide a link to purchase a customized kit which you can purchase.