Fit to Win

Optimize your workplace performance with the Yankees' former Head Performance Coach

Provided by Dana Cavalea
1.5 hours

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About this Experience

There are strong parallels between professional athletes and high-level executives. After all, business truly is the ultimate sport. If you’re not fit to win, you’re going to endure heavy stress on your system. In the world of sports, that stress often translates into injury. In the world of business, however, it can translate into burnout, exhaustion, and eventually a lack of passion. Dana Cavalea will provide attendees with the proper skillset to get them fit enough to win in the workplace.

About Dana Cavalea

Coach Dana Cavalea has spent his entire career as the Head Performance Coach of the New York Yankees, training the greats like Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez. Coach Cavalea currently works with High Net Worth CEOs and Professional Athletes, teaching them his FIT TO WIN Strategy to optimize daily job performance. He's passionate about firing up your team and holding them accountable to Winning in the Workplace by optimizing their health.

What other offices had to say about this Experience

"Dana has been the guy that has kept me healthy most of my career. If you are looking to perform at the highest level, nobody is better."

New York Yankees

March 2018

"When it comes to improving my performance, I only hire the best. When you want the best you go to Dana Cavalea."

CEO, Steiner Sports

March 2018

"Dana was the guy that kept me ready to pitch every night. Our time together was truly special and kept me focused and ready to take on the stress of pitching every night!"

New York Yankees

February 2018

  • Knowledge of how to achieve sustainable productivity
  • Awareness of your own professional needs and tendencies
  • Tricks to increase your endurance in the workplace
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What to Expect
    People constantly change throughout the workday, and you have to know how to manage these changes in order to work your best.
    Dana will teach you how to create a sustainable workday to avoid fatigue and burnout.
    Get practical tips on how to fuel yourself to do your job well.
    Dana will teach participants to ease themselves in and out of the workday so they can sustain a successful work pace.
    When you take action to improve yourself, you essentially change who you are – and people will follow your example.