Get Stuff Done
Time well spent.
Ellie Hearne
120 minutes
Time management and productivity
Improve communication
Fun and bonding


00:00-00:20              Welcome and Introductions

Kicking off with a quick overview of the agenda, the facilitator will ask participants to introduce themselves and share what they’d like to get from the session. This ensures understanding and engagement.

                                   Interactivity: everyone will have a turn to speak to the room.

00:20-00:40              Meetings Upgrade

What’s the meetings culture at your company? We facilitate a discussion of pet peeves and preferences before layering in best practices to make your meetings run well (or to take them off the calendar altogether).

Sample topics: getting time back, stacking agendas, clarity around attendance, getting discussions back on track, etc.

Exercise: group discussion with real-time coaching.

00:40-01:10              Sharpening Your Practice

The best productivity tools and approaches are pragmatic and incremental – overly complicated fixes don’t take.

We share productivity hacks – and the fundamentals of time management.

Exercise: group discussion plus paired skills share

01:10-01:40              Email Refresh

In this quick and surprisingly fun exercise, we prompt your team to consider the company’s email culture and address any challenges – ultimately enhancing internal comms and saving time for all. (Remember, nobody likes it when you reply-all.)

Exercise: group discussion, paired email share.

01:40-01:55              Gauging and Building Trust

You can’t be productive if your culture lacks trust. In this practical trust-equation exercise, participants will share what trust means to them and learn the elements of trust at work, as well as practical ways to use them.

Exercise: popcorn discussion as facilitator walks through trust equation.

01:55-02:00              Re-cap and Action Planning

Quick re-cap of the session, plus discussion of what’s next. What will participants do differently? Facilitator offers follow-up info (i.e., “we’ll be emailing everyone a skills overview and links to further resources.”).



Would love to present a few slides and use flipchart for interactive exercises.