Habits of a Champion Sales Team
Take your sales team to the next level!
60 minutes
Time management and productivity
Improve communication
Develop leadership
Inspiration and motivation
Boost creativity
Engagement and preventing burnout
Facing challenges and taking risks
Work-life balance
Transparency and building trust

Business is the most competitive sport in the World. Are you ready and prepared to play the game?
Sales teams drive the success of a business. This presentation is designed to get sales teams focused, committed, and ready to breakthrough limiting beliefs that are proven to inhibit performance. When a sales team does not let rejection and failure derail them, anything is possible.
Coach will lead the team through a journey that will help teams realize failures, rejection, and slumps are a part of the process and an essential part of the success process. Teams will lead this workshop with a level of security and fearlessness not often associated with the sales game.


  • Team Bonding, Unity, & Self-Belief
  • Greater Levels of Confidence
  • Elevated Focus on Mission, Vision, and Goals of Company



  • Team Bonding, Unity, & Self-Belief
  • Greater Levels of Confidence
  • Elevated Focus on Mission, Vision, and Goals of Company





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Dana Cavalea’s Habits of a Champion workshop is essential to any growing business – we learned how to manage ourselves in terms to burnout, how we should effectively spend/maximize our time at work, and how we should respect ourselves and wind down after work - all in order to make our impact to the business stronger. Without taking care of ourselves, we cannot reach and exceed the goals of our company. We all walked away with a better understanding of just how crucial work-life balance is and changes we can all personally make to bring our best selves to the office each day. Sarah Pottieger, HR Generalist, Madison Logic

Madison Logic

I had the chance to see Coach Dana in Boston in 2018 at the InBound convention. He shared pearls that resonated and were meaningful/weave-able into my life, work, and tribe. How amazing is his practical, big hearted, proven wisdom on small changes that create big impact. Following his blog allows the conversation of awesomeness to peek into my week and continue the journey. Flash forward 8 months and we are hosting Coach Dana to be on deck at an event with 300+ attendees from the all over the US plus 5 countries. How special to have his timeless thoughts on “chasing greatness” delivered in a way that moves us forward in ways we can’t imagine. A favorite quote of mine is “you know how many seeds are in an apple, but you can’t know how many apples are in a seed.” The work of Coach Dana is serious business when it comes to nurturing and cultivating the blossoming of wow in all of us Bonnie Navarre, Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson

"It was great having Dana talk to our Sales team. He was very on point with what we were looking for and he provided amazingly inspirational examples on how to improve our work, and our personal lives. I highly recommend Dana!" Tim Navis, Marketing Manager, LETGO