Hacking the Fear of Public Speaking

A dynamic engagement to shatter fear and reclaim your power

Provided by Eduardo Placer
1.5 hours

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About this Experience

Public speaking is necessary for workplace success, and yet too many professionals are held back by fear. In this hilarious workshop, presentation expert Eduardo Placer will give participants the practical speaking hacks need to present confidently and joyously in front of any audience. Your team will learn how to engage their bodies and voices to turn the fear of public speaking into excitement.

About Eduardo Placer

Eduardo is a keynote speaker, social entrepreneur, and global community builder who has worked to improve the presentation skills of industry leaders, CEOs, UN diplomats, and social activists. Using his 15 years experience as a professional actor, Eduardo has developed a physical and mental approach on how to hack the fear of public speaking called the "IOR Framework." Since an early age he has been battling an acute condition called showtune-itis, in which he spontaneously breaks out into song.

What other offices had to say about this Experience

"Thank you Eduardo Placer for doing such a great job with our office workshop! You made everyone feel so comfortable and gave them the confidence to push past their individual comfort zones and learn different ways to communicate with each other. It was such a great experience, we hope to have you back sometime soon!"

Senior Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management

May 2018

"I've now brought Eduardo to do several workshops with my teams, and every time I'm amazed at how he helps each individual connect--even if only for a moment--with something deeper inside him/herself. I use that 'moment' to create a common language of courage in coaching my team with their business interactions. It's not usual to see finance and accounting folks experience a spark of fearlessness, but Eduardo finds a unique way with each person."

Associate Dean of Finance, University of Pennsylvania

March 2018

  • Confidence in front of a crowd
  • Practical hacks to use during your next presentation
  • Understanding and conquering the fear of public speaking
Important information

A space where participants can make noise and move around.

What to Expect
    What is your most embarrassing public speaking moment?
    Loosen up! Your team will focus on: unlocking their knees, incorporating body and breath, pronouncing Mmmah, and how to properly use their jaws, tongues, and larynxes.
    Eduardo will teach your team tricks to steady their minds, including: banishing perfection, embracing the pre-beat, and how to thinkbreathespeak.
    Exercises incorporating your new style of speaking.
    What’s the “Intention, Outcome, Result” framework and how can you capitalize on it?
  6. Q&A
    Ask Eduardo anything!