Holistic Wellness and Beauty

An introduction to holistic wellness and beauty

Provided by:
Jenna Levine

New York

1 hour


Price: $500

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In this delightful talk, holistic wellness expert Jenna Levine will share various plant-based ingredients, their nutritional make-up and how they can be incorporated into both diet and skin care. Together you will consider novel preparations of common ingredients as well as introduce more esoteric ingredients, likely unfamiliar to the audience.

About Jenna

Growing up in a household with her father, a surgeon and professor of medicine and her mother, a talented cook whose style was rooted in the Hipporcratic axiom, “Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine”, Jenna was inspired by the nutritional and experimental activity of cooking. She became her mother's sous chef and by age of 11 had added edible face masks to her repertoire. 20 years later, Jenna is now the founder of the natural skincare line, LINNÉ botanicals, a certified student of botany and herbal medicine and still cooking. Drawing upon the shared wisdom of my mentors Jenna is eager to share her knowledge of plant nutrition, human health & beauty.

What to expect

If you’re into a holistic approach to skincare, delicious food, and a little DIY action, this is for you. Jenna Levine—founder of LINNÉ and aficionado of all things earthy—will teach you how to cook for healthy skin and diet, using a custom blend of ingredients. You’ll get individualized tips, professional results, and the perfect way to have fun and learn at the same time!

You'll be surprised by

How food is the key to your skin!

  • Learn how to eat for radiance
  • Healthy and delicious
  • Fun
  • Highly engaging
Important Information

Samples will be provided to all participants!

A screen, projector, and audio are required for this talk.

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Price: $500