How to Build a Community

Learn how to build buzz for your brand through word-of-mouth

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Claire Wasserman

New York

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Because it’s authentic, effective, and low-cost, word of mouth is the gravy train if you want to build buzz around your brand. Claire Wasserman breaks down the dynamic subject of organic growth and, drawing on her own experiences, shares how to harness the great resource of word-of-mouth. With her easy and charismatic speaking style, she will teach you how to build a vibrant community, repurpose tools you already have access to, and to make money doing what you love.

About Claire

Claire is the founder of Ladies Get Paid (, an organization that helps over 6000 women in all 50 states and more than 50 countries to advocate for their value in the workplace. She is also the US Editor of Amaphiko, Red Bull's e-magazine for social impact, and frequent speaker/moderator on panels about women in the workforce, and ways companies can create inclusive cultures that attract and retain top talent.

What to expect
  1. Introduction to Word of Mouth branding
  2. The process of building a community
  3. Practical applications and case study
You'll be surprised by

How inspired you’ll be!

  • Highly motivational
  • Impressive
  • Learn something business-related
  • Practical tips you can apply right away

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Price: $500