Tips to Run a Great (Remote) Meeting!
You'll learn strategies and skills to make any meeting more successful.
Eve MacKnight
100 minutes
Time management and productivity
Improve communication
Develop leadership
Fun and bonding
Inspiration and motivation
Effective marketing
Diversity and inclusion
Boost creativity
Compliance and safety
Facing challenges and taking risks
Dealing with organizational change
Develop empathy
Storytelling and presentation skills
Transparency and building trust

As we’re all shifting to remote work, this workshop is a chance to get a jump start on getting the most out of meetings. We’ll focus specifically on remote meetings and how to adapt online and/or over the phone.
We will review strategies & techniques for all kinds of meetings, whether personal or professional. We’ll talk about key points for before, during and after a meeting, visual aids, and the likely core motivations for your audience. We’ll discuss ways to support your audience in these strange times. Then we’ll focus on meetings of different sizes: big, medium and small (less than five participants). In this time of working remotely, you’ll leave with a toolkit of ways to help your meetings run better and with a little less stress.



Learn about meeting strategy and tactics

Develop ability to identify root cause of unsuccessful meetings and what to do about it



  1. Introductions, Objective and Takeaways
  2. Foundations: Discussion of Meeting Purpose and modes of Commuication
  3. The ABC’s: Review of Meeting Structure and Process
  4. Meeting Magic: Specific Techniques to make Meetings run more smoothly
  5. The Impact of Meeting Size
  6. Identifying Meeting Challenges
  7. Summary

(note: interactive exercises are included in each section)



Technology to support an online class for participants.


Wow! So much great information. I was simultaneously inspired, and delighted. Eve really knows her stuff and I left with a totally new outlook on the field of project management and many potential areas of improvement within my workplace. by: Lucinda Roanoke

Third Person Studio

The training was super informative and Eve did a great job, especially with making it interactive. Her training satisfied our goal of covering the entire process of PM in a short time period and giving us a shared language with which to improve our practices. by: Ellen Honigstock

Urban Green Council

The Scrum training with Eve really helped our team to understand the fundamentals of Agile and Scrum. Eve's presentation was engaging, relevant, and fun for our team to participate in. She was flexible with the material to fit our needs as a company and our team walked away with a new energy and excitement for practicing Scrum! By: Chelsea Giacchi

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