How to Write Better Content

How the basics of improv can help you write warm, friendly copy

Provided by Jillian Richardson
1.5 hours

Past clients

About this Experience

People are generally afraid of thinking on their feet, getting out of the box, and spiders. This workshop combines two of those things. Hint: it’s not spiders.

In 60 minutes, your team will learn how the basic principles of improv can help them write warm, friendly copy. The experience can be customized to fit whatever type of writing needs the most work, whether that’s email, blog posts, or newsletters. Top takeaways include how to: think of oodles of ideas, get into a creative space, and murder your darlings. (Sorry–– we hate that saying, too.)

About Jillian Richardson

Jillian is trapped in the Speakizi office. Please send help.

Just kidding. She’s a funny person with six years of brand copywriting and improv experience. She's also not being held captive right now. Her passion is helping people communicate their message in a way that's unforgettable and fun!

Jillian creates content that makes readers smile. She’s been a freelancer for over five years, and has clients like Intel, Time Inc., Moo, and Percolate. She's also the founder and producer of Hustle Fest, a career fair for freelancers in New York.

What other offices had to say about this Experience

"Jillian provides clear and humorous copy with quick turnaround times. She is always able to adopt the brand’s tone of voice while staying on message, no matter what form the content takes. She’s been a valuable resource!"

MOO Content Editor

July 2017

"Jillian is a god. She was great to work with and the quality of content produced exceeded our expectations by far. Her communication was amazing and we are excited to work with her again in the future!"

July 2017

"From day one, Jillian delivered on her potential with a unique combination of enthusiasm, skills and eagerness to learn, which set her apart. She has a sharp sense of intuition; knowing when to ask questions, when to take notes, and when to take charge. In other words, she’s a joy to be around and she’s worth investing in. Jillian is whip-smart and grows with every opportunity she takes. I can assure you that you’ll want to meet Jillian Richardson. I’m sure glad that I did."

Senior Producer at Triple Threat TV
February 2017