Build Your Impromptu Communication Skills
Enhance your interpersonal communication and presentation skills
Jen Oleniczak Brown
60 minutes
Time management and productivity
Improve communication
Develop leadership
Fun and bonding
Inspiration and motivation
Boost creativity
Engagement and preventing burnout
Facing challenges and taking risks
Dealing with organizational change
Develop empathy
Interviewing and hiring
Out of the box activities
Transparency and building trust
Improv class

Looking for your voice? Start to find it with us. We tend to find ourselves overthinking and trapped in our heads, focusing in on how we ‘should’ sound, what a strong communicator looks like, what answer would be perceived as the best one.

And the best one often is, be you.

In this class, we’ll take improv-based and public speaking activities to the next level and apply them to communication – whether that’s interpersonal impromptu communication, a conference session or meeting, or a networking event. We’ll encourage and help you to find your authentic communication and speaking style, stretching your muscles to increase flexibility, positive risk-taking and self-awareness, heightening our personal confidence. You’ll have a better idea of the reflection you’ll need to do to grow a greater understanding of your communication style, strengths, and areas for growth, as well as a catalyst to begin that development.


Building Communication Skills


  1. INTRO
  2. Introduction of goals and agenda
  4. Fun, participatory activities that root in communication skills, specifically interpersonal communication, speaking, presentation and more.
  5. OUTRO
  6. Reflection and takeaways



Required from you: internet connection with Zoom