Leadership through Crisis
Now more than ever.
Ellie Hearne
60 minutes
Improve communication
Develop leadership
Facing challenges and taking risks
Transparency and building trust

Leading in times of crisis can be daunting. People are looking to you for direction and you might not know how to respond.

But within crises are opportunities. Opportunities to grow as a leader, to motivate your people around a common goal, and to refocus on what matters most.


This curriculum leverages active facilitation and skill-building for leaders to navigate and communicate through crises with aplomb.

We start by leading a conversation about what leadership is – in better times and in crisis. What do people look for from leaders? What, for each of us, has been our defining moment as a leader?

Building on that, we pivot to the practical. We cover skills and tools for the following scenarios:

– navigating rapid change; 

creating safety for a strained team; and

– communicating with savvy throughout.

We help leaders step up – now more than ever.