Level up collaboration and communication through organizational improv
A highly interactive, playful and engaging workshop that reconnects teams
Rachel Ben Hamou
120 minutes


This workshop is highly interactive and focused on inclusionbringing the team along together.

Guided by your experienced facilitator, the team will warm-up and become present with a simple and approachable game.

Then we’ll explore a series of active exercises and games design to take the team on a journey – experiencing what it’s like to work together in a safe and low-stakes environment.

We’ll demonstrate the value of cooperation over competition through more whole team exercises and lead reflection on how this can be embodied in the workplace. They’ll experience exercises where they can only win as a team – through deep listening and supporting each other.

Participants will exercise and bring greater awareness to their:


  • body language
  • facial expressions
  • verbal communication
  • listening skills
  • emotional intelligence / empathy

We’ll help them to connect the dots from the exercises and games back to their day-to-day workplace experience.

This is not performance-based improv (we won’t do any scene-based work) and it’s definitely not stand up comedy.

The workshop can be tailored and tweaked depending on the needs of the group and their comfort level with this type of activity. It’s suitable for those who identify as introverts, extroverts and ambiverts.

No improv, acting or theater experience is needed. You just need to be a human who wants to work well with other humans!


Our preference is for a square shaped private room with space for everyone to stand comfortably in a circle (able to see each other clearly)

Ideally there would be a circle of chairs that can be pushed back / stacked away as needed

Tables are not needed and should be stacked or moved out the space.

Workshops are best held in temperature controlled spaces – preferably with natural daylight though not essential.

Nice to have is a screen to display a few visual aids.


I'm particularly impressed with how versatile PeopleStorming is with regards to facilitating a wide variety of topics across multiple practice areas (e.g. marketing vs customer support). They helped bring our team together to build an action plan for the following year. They did a great job creating an open dialog where all team members were able to share and get the most out of the time spent. Bravo to the team! We'll definitely hire you again.


I've been through these kinds of sessions before and am rarely pleased with the outcome. This was different. I'm not sure what magic y'all brought to the table but (for whatever reason) people felt comfortable and ready to share and connect in that way that makes all the difference in the world. I feel more personally connected to several members of my team in the "other" office. The vulnerability exercise really hit hard for our group - it was invaluable to connect personally with one another. I think that's going to really change the dynamic of the team. There were some people who were a little nervous about what it was that we were doing. But it's infinitely more valuable having now gone through it. The two days we would have spent closing tickets or clicking buttons (doing design work) wouldn't have been nearly as valuable as the past 36 hours. ​I would recommend PeopleStorming for many reasons including that the facilitators are delightful. ❤️


I would highly recommend Rachel as an expert facilitator for any project. I've seen her effortlessly command both large and small rooms, tackling sensitive problems while seamlessly extracting genuine feedback out of participants. Rachel is thorough, focused, and considerate, in both the planning and execution of a session and is a real joy to work with.