Make a Better First Impression

Understand what everyone sees in you, and why they see it

Provided by Minna Taylor
2 hours

Past clients

About this Experience

This training is perfect for sales teams or anyone who has to make a killer first impression! In this honest and candid workshop, your office team will gain a comprehensive understanding of how they are publicly perceived and what they communicate that they are unaware of. Drawing on her wealth of experience performing for diverse audiences, Minna will help participants learn information about themselves that 1) they didn’t know and 2) knew but didn’t realize was perceived.

About Minna Taylor

Minna is the founder and CEO of Energize Your Voice, an experiential professional development company. Corporations have benefited from her coaching in communication, accent reduction, and presentation skills for over 10 years. Minna is also a trained actress, having earned her BFA from NYU and MFA from Brooklyn College. She has worked with a wide range of organizations from small startups and nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies. Notable clients include UBER, Business Insider, and Citi.

What other offices had to say about this Experience

"As a salesperson, I frequently present to groups of clients. As the instructor for this course, Minna showed us techniques and strategies for improving the entire presentation process. She is a natural instructor with excellent insight on how best to help each individual student."

Business Insider

January 2018

"In just a few hours she was able to give [our team] the tools to progress their skills and boost their confidence. Each person presents a few times a week and their presentations have significantly improved!"


December 2017

"Making this session interactive and moving us around really helped get the message across. The best session so far."


October 2017

  • A realistic image of yourself as seen by others
  • Recognition of yourself as a brand
  • Techniques for how to create your desired image
  • Closer, more authentic team relationships
Important information

Enough space for participants to get up and move around.

What to Expect
    Your office will use improv and visualization exercises geared toward building information in three specific categories.
    The second component of the training is an analysis process. Each participant will get evaluated by a group of their peers and be given actionable tools for growth.