Making Mergers and Acquisitions Work–Managing the Organizational, Cultural and Human Issues
This session shows how leaders, managers and employees can contribute to a successful integration.
Mitchell Marks
60 minutes
Time management and productivity
Improve communication
Develop leadership
Fun and bonding
Inspiration and motivation
Engagement and preventing burnout
Facing challenges and taking risks
Health and wellbeing
Dealing with organizational change
Develop empathy
Work-life balance
Transparency and building trust

75% of all mergers and acquisitions fail to achieve their financial or strategic goals. This event shows what it takes to make your combination one of the 25% of successes. Based on research in over 100 cases of cases of corporate, government and not-for-profit integrations, this highly engaging workshop identifies the key factors that matter most in eventual M&A success. And, it gives tools for leaders, managers and all employees to contribute to a sense of “one team” going forward.


  1. Minimizing employee distraction from performing and culture clash
  2. Building team work going forward
  3. Balancing the human costs of M&A with intended benefits
  4. Using an integration as an opportunity to build and new and better organization


  1. Insight into the key factors that distinguish successful M&A from those that fail to achieve their desired result
  2. A lively discussion how others have managed–and mis-managed–the integration process
  3. Knowledge about the sources of the “merger drain”–the inevitable drain on performance as individuals worry about their job security, work teams oppose each other rather than work together, and leaders ignore or deny the human and cultural problems in M&A
  4. Practical tools for minimizing the clash of cultures between combining entities