MEND Your Ways

Get on the right path to health with 4 simple lifestyle shifts

Provided by:
Victoria Moran

New York

1 hour


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About this activity

Your genes aren’t the half of it: you can make healthy living practical, affordable, and fun – right now! In this exciting talk, you’ll learn the easy acronym, MEND and use it as a guiding principle for your everyday health. Eat glorious foods, boost your attitude, and open your eyes to what you’re really doing. This isn’t about perfection: it’s about loving every moment of your life.

About Victoria

Victoria Moran has authored thirteen books including the best-selling Creating a Charmed Life and Main Street Vegan. Twice an Oprah guest, she has also appeared on Today and NPR’s All Things Considered. She's been a TV spokesperson for companies from LensCrafters to Wrigley’s Gum, and she speaks throughout North America, and in the UK and Iceland. A 30-year vegan, an obesity survivor, and a certified holistic health counselor, Victoria believes we could all benefit from more fruits and veggies. However, she's not about pushing a lifestyle on anyone - you should take what works for you and leave the rest!

Victoria will bring down the house at your event! That's a promise. If it doesn't happen, I owe you cupcakes.

Fran Costigan, Director of Pastry Arts, Rouxbe Cooking School

What to expect

This concise and comprehensive introduction to the MEND philosophy will motivate you to make simple, yet impactful, changes in your daily life.

Students will leave with the knowledge of how to MEND, a program to manage moods, get moving, eat delicious food, and get detoxed so you can have more energy and feel more alive than ever.

Through this comprehensive talk, you’ll become aware of just how you can choose to feel your best.

  • Get motivated
  • Gain practical, everyday tips
  • Make big impacts with small changes
  • Start feeling healthier
  • Energize your day!
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  • Fran Costigan

    Director of Pastry Arts, Rouxbe Cooking School

    December 2017

    Victoria will bring down the house at your event! That's a promise. If it doesn't happen, I owe you cupcakes.

  • Michael Greger

    Director of Public Health & Animal Agriculture, Humane Society of the United States

    February 2017

    Victoria Moran has been inspiring audiences for decades with a message that is always fresh, relevant, and beautifully presented.

  • Joshua Rosenthal

    Director of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition

    January 2017

    Victoria Moran lights up a room with her glow from within – energizing us with her infectious enthusiasm and inspiring her audience to savor life and relish in the little things. She is a joy!

  • Amie Hamlin

    Executive Director of the New York Coalition for Healthy School Food

    August 2016

    Victoria Moran is an incredibly engaging speaker. Not only that, she’s a poster child for healthy living. Just look at her: she’s practically ageless!

  • Shoshuna Ackerman

    Programs Manager for The Sundance Institute

    May 2016

    They came expecting only a speech and got instead a full-fledged performance, packed with fresh, new information that each attendee can take home to apply in life and work.

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Price: $1000

No additional fees!