Mindful Organizational Change

Create long-term organizational change by focusing on individual behaviors

Provided by Nita Baum
2 hours

Past clients

About this Experience

In this lively workshop, Nita Baum will illustrate the connection between individual and organizational potential. Along the way, attendees will gain valuable insights into their own work style and their workplace culture. Your team will leave understanding the impact and extent of fear in the workplace and equipped with responsive practices that they can implement immediately.

About Nita Baum

Nita Baum is the founder of b*free and has studied across conflict resolution, health, and wellness at Columbia University and the GWU School of Business. She creates sustainable organizational transformation by taking an "ecosystem approach" to businesses. Nita has been leading organizations since 1996, including facilitating executives and staff in mindful work, developing freelancing and entrepreneurial curriculum, and teaching social entrepreneurship.

What other offices had to say about this Experience

"I cannot speak highly enough about Nita facilitating a session with my students during my Understanding Social Enterprise class on Alchemy - creating something magical out of nothing! She did exactly that - created a magical session - where students opened up, were vulnerable with each other and increased their awareness several-fold through a number of activities and discussions led by Nita. I received huge value from it myself as well and have asked her to speak with my entire team of 50+ at a future company-wide retreat. I'm excited for the smiling faces that will result after Nita imparts her wisdom and infectiously comforting and healing energy at my social enterprise."

Founder/CEO of Foresight Financial Services for Good
May 2018

"Nita is phenomenal. I've known her work for awhile -- she is deeply committed to each project and each client, and brings this incredible mixture of heart, brain, creativity, and strategy to everything she does. I trust her ethics, her thinking, and her suggestions 100%."

Founder, Robertson Consulting and DC Peers
May 2018

  • A deep understanding of the relationship between the company and the individual
  • Creation of conditions for greater productivity and wellbeing
  • Unlocking creative potential
  • Team bonding
  • alignment of management and staff goals
Important information

A room that is comfortable for light movement.

What to Expect

Connect to yourself and your group through meditation and light movement.

How we connect, and what happens when we do.

Envision your childhood and draw a link to your purpose at work.

Envision and embody the fear you experience in the workplace.

How can you create conditions for a more evolved organization.

Discuss how to create the future of your workplace