Create a Mindful Culture

Optimize your office team's performance with practical Mindfulness techniques

Provided by:
Pandit Dasa

New York

1 hour


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About this activity

In this powerful workshop, TEDx speaker, author, and renowned well-being expert Pandit Dasa presents the science behind Mindfulness and demonstrates the critical role that Mindfulness plays in today’s workforce. Informative and engaging, your team will learn Mindfulness techniques by actually trying them out. Your office will learn how to practice these techniques, and most importantly, how to use them to dramatically increase happiness, harmony, and productivity in the workplace (and in their personal lives). Everyone will leave feeling balanced and inspired after experiencing Pandit’s Mindfulness practice. 

About Pandit

Before becoming a Mindfulness expert, Pandit spent 15 years living as a monk in New York City. During his time as a monk, he developed a deep knowledge of meditation and traveled extensively to lecture on university campuses. And now, he is on a mission to share that same knowledge with corporations and businesses. He is an author and has been featured in TEDx, Wall Street Journal, PBS, NPR, New York Times and Huffington Post. He has also spoken at many influential conventions including The World Government Summit, Bank of America Global Conference, and has conducted corporate mindfulness workshops in dozens of organizations including Google, Bank of America, and Columbia University.

We loved Pandit! Our employees are anxious to have him come back. His demeanor and personality made him easy to follow while being incredibly engaging.

Tracey Bravant, EVP of Human Resources at Marc Fisher Footwear

What to expect
    Learn about the important scientific research behind Mindfulness to fully understand the scope of its use in our lives today.

    Learn what “Mindful Leadership” means, the importance of leading by example, and how to keep your emotions balanced during challenging situations. Additional topics covered are:  Mindfulness techniques to lower anxiety, improve productivity, raise emotional intelligence, and manage stress.
    Pandit will provide the audience with actionable tips for real-life situations. Participants will also get an opportunity ask further questions.
Great for...
  • Cooperate better with your coworkers
  • Gain awareness of your actions
  • Get inspired
  • Better organize your workday
  • Slow down your judgment
  • Feel refreshed
You'll need to provide

A screen, projector, and audio capabilities for playing videos.

  • Tracey Bravant

    EVP of Human Resources at Marc Fisher Footwear

    January 2018

    We loved Pandit! Our employees are anxious to have him come back. His demeanor and personality made him easy to follow while being incredibly engaging.

  • Daniel

    Marketing director

    April 2017

    He was amazing! I think it would be a great benefit to have him back more often. The session really lowered my stress level.

  • Jack

    Bank of America

    March 2017

    Managing your mind - what a powerful way to manage your day! I enjoyed Pandit’s information about stress. I feel this is a takeaway I will use daily.

  • Lea

    February 2017

    Pandit was very personable and charismatic...he kept his energy high, bringing the audience with him.

  • Nick

    JPMorgan Chase

    September 2016

    I have been to other stress management presentations, but this was arguably the best.

  • Adam

    Citi Bank

    May 2016

    Pandit addressed some of the science first... He did an excellent job sharing information and techniques to reduce stress and become happier and more productive both personally and professionally.

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Speakizi price: $1000

No additional fees!