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A New Kind of Fight Club

How the principles of stage combat can improve your company culture

Provided by:
Mary Beth Lacki

New York

1.5 hours

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About this activity

This workshop is unlike any other team-building workshop you’ve attended before. Why? Because here, we fight. Here are the rules:

#1 Before every fight, you will make eye contact with your partner, shake their hand, repeat your name and say, “I’m your partner. I’m here to make you look good.”

#2 You will wholeheartedly believe and act on the principle, “I’m your partner. I’m here to make you look good.”

That’s it.

In 90 minutes, your team will learn the principles of stage combat and how they improve company culture. Teams will grow closer, become more attuned to verbal and non-verbal needs of their partner, and learn what it takes to execute a short skit of fight choreography.

About Mary Beth

Mary Beth was accredited by the Society of American Fight Directors in 2009 before graduating from Niagara University. Her experience includes unarmed combat, single sword, rapier/dagger, knife, quarterstaff, and broadsword. With 20+ years experience in theatre, Mary Beth has performed in and choreographed a number of shows, including Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, The Man of La Mancha, and Les Miserables.

Mary Beth holds a Masters in Integrated Marketing Communications (St. Bonaventure) and recently became the Founder of White Crane Consulting, a brand strategy and marketing consultancy.

What to expect

Kicking off with an explanation of what stage combat is, Mary Beth will then share the #1 rule of stage combat.

From there, the fun – and fighting – begins.

During this workshop, participants will engage in exercises where they will:

  • Commit to following the leader
  • Communicate their needs and adjust to the needs of their Partner
  • Learn how to synchronize speeds
  • Work together to accomplish a goal

This is an active workshop where participants will be on their feet for at least an hour.

Great for...
  • Improve company culture, collaboration, and overall sense of “operational choreography”
  • Gain critical skills for building trust and improving communication
  • Evolve employee mindset from the Individual to the Collective
  • Learn team-building skills through non-traditional exercises that get your heart pumping
You'll need to provide
  • Enough room: a good amount of open space for participants
  • Footwear: flat, lace-up shoes or sneakers; no flip-flops or open-toed shoes
  • Clothing: comfortable, moveable, and can stretch; no spaghetti strap tops or skirts. No watches, bracelets, necklaces or chunky rings. Hair must be tied back.

It is requested that there be an even number of participants. If it’s an odd number, that’s fine too – they’ll just have to partner with Mary Beth. #highfive

Speaker will provide
  • Direction and support during the workshop.
  • A “New Kind of Fight Club” reminder card. This credit card-sized handout highlights lessons learned during the workshop – and it’s perfect for keeping in your wallet or at your work desk.
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Speakizi price: $650

No additional fees!