Power Yoga for Work Productivity

A curated yoga practice which increases productivity in the workplace

Provided by:
Andrew Abaria

New York

1 hour

Max people: 30


Price: $500

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Faster isn’t always better.
Join Andrew for a powerful, slower moving yoga practice where you will experience the benefits of mindful movement. We will learn that moving the body mindfully requires the same skill set as managing multiple projects or employees in the workplace. This connection between how we move our bodies and how we approach our work, will undoubtedly influence us in moving with power and precision off the mat, which will lead to a more productive and efficient workday.

About Andrew

Andrew is a private yoga instructor who has coached leading creative executives at some of the world's most well known companies like Walt Disney Imagineering, MTV Programming, and Paul Mitchell Hair Care Systems. Andrew is also a serious yoga practitioner currently working on a third series Ashtanga practice. He currently teaches clients all over the country and is dedicated to helping people find their full potential in their work and personal lives.

What to expect
  1. Overview of movement and how it connects to our lives.
  2. A guided workout session that will leave participants with more focus, energy, and ready for a more productivity.
  3. Cool down
You'll be surprised by

The amazing effect your body will have on your mind!

  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce stress
  • Fun
  • Highly engaging
  • Learn something business-related
Important Information

Each participant should bring comfortable yoga clothes to sweat in, and water to stay hydrated. 8 yoga mats will be provided.

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Price: $500