Private Communication Coaching
Provide your key performers the support they need to successfully adapt their communication for a virtual workplace.
Jackie Miller
60 minutes
Improve communication
Develop leadership
Storytelling and presentation skills

At Bespoken, we are passionate about helping you speak your story, find your voice, and communicate consciously and confidently. We craft a process entirely for you from the ground up to give you more control over your communication style in virtual spaces.

1:1 virtual coaching is the most effective way to improve online communication and presentation skills. Bespoken’s progressive, fun, and interactive approach to professional development imbues you with effective business communication and presentation skills through training designed to transform you into a powerful and persuasive communicator.


You’ll receive:

  1. Personalized tools to optimize your voice in virtual spaces
  2. Coaching process customized based on your needs and timeline
  3. Unlimited communication via email
  4. An outside eye to help you conquer anxiety and gain confidence in a safe space


I had a terrific online coaching experience with Jackie. She started our first session asking me exactly what I wanted to get out of the experience, and she really listened and tailored our time together to match what I wanted. We focused both on in-person presentations and remote meetings. I was super impressed by her ability to deconstruct communication and explain all the little things that go into how we are perceived by others. Since working with Jackie I'm a more confident speaker, and she's sparked in me an interest to learn more.

Travis Sheridan, Account Director, Blue State Digital

We hired Jackie and Bespoken to provide Sundance Co//ab's virtual and global community of creators and filmmakers with the crucial communication skills they need to pitch their projects. After her initial Master Class was so widely lauded and beneficial to our members, we expanded our work with Jackie to include the development and delivery of a month-long online course. When it comes to facilitating online learning, Jackie is an absolute pro. The content of every session was expertly customized for our audience and as an online facilitator Jackie is engaging, dynamic, informative, and deeply effective. In addition to providing top-notch content and facilitation, she is a pleasure to work with--professional, adaptable, and attentive to our needs. Can't recommend her enough.

Liz Nord, Associate Director, Sundance Co//ab

Thoughtful, effective, and presented in a way that created an example of the tactics to help us better communicate. Overall very interesting, fun, and actionable!

Hanah Wade, Sr. Account Executive, DDB New York