Remote-Team Virtual Treasure Hunt
It's a teambuilding program. It's a treasure hunt. It's a video-conference. It's all this and more!
Dave Blum
90 minutes
Time management and productivity
Improve communication
Develop leadership
Fun and bonding
Inspiration and motivation
Boost creativity
Engagement and preventing burnout
Dealing with organizational change
Develop empathy
Out of the box activities
Transparency and building trust

In this fast-moving, remote-team event, groups of 4-5 people gather on Zoom (or similar video conferencing system) to solve a series of 6-10 tricky virtual treasure hunt challenges. Each challenge is a unique puzzle, code, cipher or trivia quiz, leading to mysterious, weird and wacky real-world locations all across the internet, including statues, plaques, murals, mosaics, historical markers, road-side attractions, etc. As a team, expect to solve word puzzles, pictures puzzles, Morse code, braille, Pig Latin — the whole kitchen sink. Expect also to perform a variety of creative online challenges, such as creating a word map, creating a meme, etc. Consider your Dr. Clue Remote-Team Virtual Treasure Hunt an Escape Room Without Walls (and without the claustrophobia) — with the whole world to explore at your fingertips.


  • Lateral thinking and problem solving
  • Unplugging from the ever-present news cycle
  • An irreverent virtual tour of some great real-world locations online
  • Brainy fun for smart professionals (we never dumb it down!)
  • Bonding and camaraderie
  • Collaboration and Cooperation
  • Trust Building
  • Delegation and Cross-team collaboration
  • Stress release
  • Creating a “we’re all in this together” feeling



•   15 minutes:  Zoom tutorial (as needed), hunt overview, and


•   60 minutes:  Internet treasure hunt, with each team

transported to a break-out room to solve their tricky clue


•   15 minutes:  Answers, awards, debrief and final group



What’s Included:

•   Full facilitation from a professional trainer

•   Zoom tutorial (as needed)

•   6-10 unique puzzles and creative challenges

•   Clue customization (upon request)

•   Smart phone app (upon request)

•   Facilitated debrief

•   Icebreaker and closing group activities

Plus: Recording of the entire activity for future viewing and sharing


Video-conferencing abilities for each participant (preferably Zoom)

Why Now?

•   There has never been a more important time for us to work

together, in the spirit of collaboration, cooperation and


•   There has never been a more important time to keep our teams

strong, together and on the same page.

•   There has never been a more important time for FUN,




“Dr Clue’s virtual hunt experience motivated our team to work collaboratively and solve really hard challenges, while having a lot of fun!! I loved the energy I felt from the very first moment, I was so involved in every challenge that time went by super fast. I left the experience feeling energetic and more proud of being a part of my team. Dave is a great organizer and I totally recommend his virtual treasure hunt to bring teams closer. Thanks again!"

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