Tame Your Paper Monster

An unforgettable and easy system for managing your time and paper

Provided by Lis McKinley
1 hour | SF / Bay Area

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About this Experience

Although we’re all trying to be greener, paper continues to be a fact of our lives. 80 percent of the paper we keep is never given a second glance! Before we know it we have a paper monster on our desks. Wouldn’t it be nice to know, once and for all, what you really need to do with all this paper and how to organize it all? In this informative and interactive presentation, your whole office will be introduced to Lis’ unforgettable system for not only organizing your paper, but also getting more done.

About Lis McKinley

Lis is a professional organizer who holds a masters degree in clinical psychology from John F. Kennedy University and a certification as a professional organizer. Her professional goal is to help otherwise successful people deal with the physical, emotional and existential burdens of their "stuff" - both paper and things - and to alleviate that burden through organization. Her work is designed to inspire, inform and motivate people to take action over their own personal paper monsters.

What other offices had to say about this Experience

"WOW, that was amazing! Lis was the best speaker and presenter of the entire conference! From her passion right out of the gate, to her (hilarious) numerous examples, to her tips and tricks, to her easygoing presentation style, she was dynamic and captured the audience from beginning to end! I highly recommend Lis to speak and present at your next conference! Thank you so much Lis, you made my conference!"

Owner, Orca Organizing
October 2018

"Thanks so very much for an excellent workshop. I really appreciate the fact that it is an easy to remember system and your slides were very well done. The audience was most appreciative and it is clear this touches a basic need!"

Author, American Association of University Women

November -0001

  • Learn how to easily minimize the amount of paper you have
  • Discover an easy system to stay on top of your mail, and incoming documents
  • Know exactly what you need to act on, what to contain, and what to toss
  • Gain tips on how to protect yourself against identity theft and fraud
  • Get expert advice on how to set up your desk and office to make yourself as productive as possible
Important information

Required from you: LCD projector and laptop.

What to Expect
    Most people get stuck in paper clutter for 3 reasons: 1) They don’t have a good management/organizational system for organizing, 2) They are afraid of accidentally losing something important, and 3) Though they intend to, they never get around to doing something with their paper.
    Lis will give participants an overview of a fantastic organizational system and will explain how it aligns perfectly with an office desk set-up.
    Participants will learn how to adjust their workspaces for their individual organizing styles. Lis will provide practical advice on preventing identity theft and how to ensure organizational success.

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Sarah Pottinger, HR Generalist

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