Inconspicuous Games

The ultimate team-building outing... Shhh!

Provided by:
Molly Sonsteng

New York

2 hours

Min people: 14

Max people: 30

Price: $1200

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Inconspicuous Games plays secret, walking field-games (like capture-the-flag) near popular public landmarks – and only the players know what’s happening! The rules are largely the same as the games we played and loved as kids with one MAJOR difference: be inconspicuous! No running, no lunging, no dodging. You must walk at all times. Strategy & teamwork win, not strength & speed. The only thing that identifies a player is a small custom “Inconspicuous Games” blue or red lapel pin which each player keeps after the game. This experience forces the most competitive players to set aside an individual gain for the win of the team!

About Molly

Molly Sonsteng is the co-founder of Madcap Factory, a Brooklyn-based production house dedicated to the advancement of play. We design boundary pushing experiences and products that allow grown-ups to embrace the absurd. Our projects promote human connection and prioritize analogue design.

Inconspicuous Games was a fun, exhilarating team building exercise for our summer interns. The game runners were great and the entire day was a success. Thank you, Molly and team!

Jenn, Charity:water

What to expect

Come play!
Molly designs experiences that encourage grownups to embrace the magic and wonder that play creates. This is the ultimate team-building outing, challenging players in ways that will use creative thinking and teamwork in order win. You will actually be playing capture-the-flag in high-traffic landmarks… inconspicuously!
Two game runners will meet your team to provide instructions and game facilitation.

  1. 20 minutes of intros, instructions, team strategy
  2. 60 minutes of game play
You'll be surprised by

How vividly your team will remember this day forever!

  • Fun
  • Perfect for team building
  • Hone problem-solving skills
  • Highly creative
  • Exhilarating
Important Information

Participants are encouraged to wear sneakers and comfortable clothing. Be ready to engage in active game play.

Instructions, facilitation, and all equipment required for game play will be provided (such as inconspicuous flags & pins the players get to keep after!).

  • Jenn


    September 2017

    Inconspicuous Games was a fun, exhilarating team building exercise for our summer interns. The game runners were great and the entire day was a success. Thank you, Molly and team!

  • June French

    Rockets of Awesome

    September 2017

    Inconspicuous Games has created a truly engaging and unique experience. The perfect way to connect and play in a way that's quintessentially New York! It was great to see a different side of our coworkers, quiet folks turned out to be master strategists and more extroverted teammates blended into the woodwork and got sneaky.

  • Participant

    The Do School

    September 2017

    One of the highlights of our three weeks. Our participants described it is a key team-building exercise during a stressful section of our larger program

  • Participant


    September 2017

    Molly created an amazing experience for our team to connect through - we had a great time strategizing and working with each other! Not to mention, it brought out everyone's playful and competitive side!

  • Maher


    June 2017

    Inconspicuous games is the quirkiest, funnest thing you didn’t know you were missing. Ever short for ideas on the weekend, and just plain tired of brunches and bars but not quite feeling ‘old’ enough for museums? Play capture the flag in public, because why the hell not? I’m just mad because I’m forever in search of my inner child and hadn’t ever thought of this. It’s brilliant.

  • Dean


    June 2017

    Inconspicuous games is a heart pounding glimmer of play that brings life to the extraordinary structures we pass through every day with a blind eye.

  • Amy


    December 2016

    Quite possibly the most fun and memorable outing we’ve had to connect our employees and build our team dynamics.

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Price: $1200