Team Cohesion in a Virtual World
A fun, engaging virtual workshop to reconnect teams as humans
Rachel Ben Hamou
60 minutes
Improve communication
Fun and bonding
Boost creativity
Develop empathy

A fun, engaging virtual workshop to reconnect teams as humans.
This workshop takes place virtually over video call and uses other great web tools to open up the playing field.
We’ll take you through a series of exercises and games as a team.
You’ll use your creativity, your empathy, your communication and more to navigate the challenges.
You’ll leave the session feeling more connected, more inspired and more engaged.


I'm particularly impressed with how versatile PeopleStorming is with regards to facilitating a wide variety of topics across multiple practice areas (e.g. marketing vs customer support). They helped bring our team together to build an action plan for the following year. They did a great job creating an open dialog where all team members were able to share and get the most out of the time spent. Bravo to the team! We'll definitely hire you again.


I've been through these kinds of sessions before and am rarely pleased with the outcome. This was different. I'm not sure what magic y'all brought to the table but (for whatever reason) people felt comfortable and ready to share and connect in that way that makes all the difference in the world. I feel more personally connected to several members of my team in the "other" office. The vulnerability exercise really hit hard for our group - it was invaluable to connect personally with one another. I think that's going to really change the dynamic of the team. There were some people who were a little nervous about what it was that we were doing. But it's infinitely more valuable having now gone through it. The two days we would have spent closing tickets or clicking buttons (doing design work) wouldn't have been nearly as valuable as the past 36 hours. ​I would recommend PeopleStorming for many reasons including that the facilitators are delightful. ❤️


I would highly recommend Rachel as an expert facilitator for any project. I've seen her effortlessly command both large and small rooms, tackling sensitive problems while seamlessly extracting genuine feedback out of participants. Rachel is thorough, focused, and considerate, in both the planning and execution of a session and is a real joy to work with.