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Marquesa Hicks

New York

1.5 hours


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About this activity

Team relationships are the core of a growing business! Not understanding how to work with or communicate with a teammate can sabotage a project’s success. During this presentation, business reinvention expert Marquesa Hicks will take all team members through a team reinvention process.

Through different exercises, team members will learn about themselves and their colleagues on a deeper level. This is more than just a talk with easy-to-implement strategies; this is eyeopening for all participants. Your team will build powerful work relationships, which in turn will yield great results.

It’s a game changer for sure!

About Marquesa

Marquesa is a former CNN associate producer and is now an expert in business reinvention. After years in production, she decided to support businesses in a different way: improving the way they communicated with each other for the highest level of productivity.

Marquesa has been featured on MSNBC small business show, CNN Business News, New York Newsday, and Voices of Experience, an audio magazine by the National Speakers Association. In addition, she’s been featured in more than 500 blogs and print publications all over the world as a syndicated columnist. As a recognized authority in the professional speaking industry, she's been featured in Speaker Magazine more than 25 times and was a featured columnist. She holds the CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) Designation, which is held by only 12% of professional speakers worldwide.

What to expect
    What is a profitable team? What makes a team both successful and productive?
    Everyone will learn the 3 most important things they can do to exact a positive influence on their office team.
    Almost all team members fall into four different personality categories. Learn what these personalities are, and how your team can leverage each member’s talents for collective success.
    Participants will get to interact with their office team, applying Marquesa’s lessons to their current work projects.
Great for...
  • Embrace your communication style
  • Identify your core personality
  • Practice more self-accountability

*note* This is ideal for any worker who must maintain, create or grow relationships. So, everyone!

You'll need to provide
  • A screen for viewing the PowerPoint
  • A projector
Speaker will provide
  • Clicker
  • All other presentation necessities
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Speakizi price: $1000

No additional fees!