The Elevator Pitch

How to engage clients and close deals

Provided by Joe Dolce
1.5 hours

Past clients

About this Experience

Everyone needs a crisp elevator pitch (or three). This immersive workshop shows participants how to connect with people, grab their attention and get them to make a small commitment in less than a minute. Participants will come away knowing to use their bodies and their voices and to get further buy-in.

About Joe Dolce

Joe's background spans 25 years at the highest level of media. He was editor-in-chief of Details magazine, co-founded the first web-based fashion news service, FashionWireDaily.com, and transformed Star magazine from a supermarket tabloid into a glossy magazine as editor-in-chief. He has used his vast experience in media to help everyone he works with to ensure their messages cut through the clutter and are heard.

What other offices had to say about this Experience

"Joe is amazing. I contacted him last minute for help with the content and delivery. Two weeks later I delivered my presentation in front of 450 people, changed a public company's global strategy, and was offered a huge strategic investment. 'You killed it' was my favorite response."

CEO, Sproutling

December 2017

"We worked with Joe on training our team to give pitches to investors and other audiences, and we were extremely pleased with the process. His team fit an amazing amount of practice, helpful tips and tricks, and useful feedback into the workshop."

Partner and CFO, Betaworks

January 2018

"I've had a great experience working with JDC. I found our sessions to contain just the right combination of straight talk and encouragement. It became obvious to me that Joe knows his business when he took my script and re-wrote it, but in my voice. What a relief!"

Co-Founder, KRW International
October 2017

  • A personalized elevator pitch
  • Tools to create better pitches
  • Team bonding and strengthened trust
  • Confidence in selling to strangers, quickly
What to Expect
    Everyone will make a quick pitch and receive constructive feedback.
  2. TOOLS
    A step-by-step examination of 8 different useful presentation techniques
    Pair up with a colleague and practice the skills you’ve learned
    Revisit your initial pitch, incorporating your spiffy new presentation skills