The Power of Play

Why your #1 resource is your 8 year-old self

Provided by Michael Schwartz
1 hour | New York

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About this Experience

An absence of wonder makes it easy to feel stuck in unfulfilling relationships or unstimulating jobs. As adults, we often lose sight of the everyday magic we felt as kids. “The Power Of Play” is a unique and engaging on-your-feet workshop that teaches you how to access and utilize your two greatest resources when combating fear, fatigue, or frustration: your sense of wonder and your capacity to play.

About Michael Schwartz

Michael Schwartz is a creative director and event producer. With his unique background in mixed media and large-scale theatre making, Michael employs proven forms of theatricality, interactivity, and immersion to help companies reach tangible goals. From galas and award shows to brand activations and corporate events, he has produced hundreds of events in a wide variety of venues.

What other offices had to say about this Experience

"It was an amazing experience having Michael break us out of our office norm and get us back in touch with our younger selves. I feel it was very beneficial to our employees. Thank you Michael."

US Office Manager at Fiverr

August 2017

"What happens when we let our guard down and connect with our younger selves? Michael Schwartz' "Power of Play" workshop gives us this opportunity...It's remarkable to see what letting loose can do not just for the sake of having fun, but in order to live a life with more intention and meaning."

Founder, Madcap Factory

November 2017

  • Reduction of fear, fatigue, and frustration in the office
  • Renewed sense of individual purpose and joy
  • Team bonding
  • More open communication among colleagues
Important information

Guests should bring a notebook and writing utensil, and the workshop best takes place in a room where everyone can sit in a chair in a circle, but where there is also space to push the chairs aside and move around. Light snacks will be provided to all the participants.

What to Expect
    Organized vs. disorganized play, and how YOU define “”play”” in your own life
    An explanation of how play can improve memory and cognition, increase optimism, enhance collaboration, etc.
    An exploration of some various (and unexpected) ways you can play throughout the day
  4. WARM-UP
    Stretches, vocal exercises, improv games, and a splash of imagination!
    Discover how you enjoy life now by thinking back to your 8-year-old self
  6. 6. PLAYYYYYY!
    A final theater game, giving everyone a change to fully play

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Nadia Eran, People Manager

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Sarah Pottinger, HR Generalist

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