The Science of Stretching
The science behind stretching and a simple yoga practice to prove it
Andrew Abaria
60 minutes
Fun and bonding
Inspiration and motivation
Mindfulness and meditation
Health and wellbeing
Work-life balance

The science behind stretching and a yoga practice to prove it.
Regular old stretching will give you some benefit. However, certain movements done with very specific sequencing will give you and your team maximum results, whether you are looking for more energy or to decrease stress.
Join Andrew for a 15 minute lecture on the science behind stretching followed by a 45 minute simple stretch session that will leave your entire office energized and productive for the rest of the work day.
So put down that 3rd cup of coffee and get ready to be naturally transformed…No yoga mats or fancy yoga outfits required!


  2. A 15-minute overview of the benefits stretching can have on your life, including the science behind it, and practical applications.
  4. A 45-minute guided workout session that will leave participants with more focus, energy, and ready to be productive.



No special requirements! This can be done in any clothes, even at your own desk.


Andrew Abaria is one of the most understated, talented, inspiring teachers out there today. Not only is he brilliant in sequencing but a star as far as motivating and coaching his students to be clear and pure in intention

Kay Corpus M.D. (Owensboro, KY)

I’ve learned throughout my life that we must become the best version of ourselves and that it’s important to take the wheel and decide where we want to go and who we learn from. Shout out to Andrew - he’s a fantastic person and multi-passionate entrepreneur who has helped me to move back to my core values, become the best version of myself, and not give up on my personal and professional goals. He’s the real deal.

Elena Sixtos-Hernandez (Body Positivity Influencer)

Andrew is an incredible teacher. I’ve been to numerous yoga trainings and have attended Yoga Journal Conference several times—and I have never had a teacher like Andrew before. In his class he breaks down the poses so that they make sense (yes, even the really difficult ones!) In the past, I’ve kicked up to an inversion and“hoped for the best” - Andrew’s class is different - there’s no mystery or wishing—there’s just REAL practicing. On top of that he is smart, patient, kind, metaphorical and funny. He is up there with the real yoga gurus— What a gift!

Laura Liss, yoga teacher (Lancaster, PA)