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The Science of Stretching

The science behind stretching and a simple yoga practice to prove it

Provided by:
Andrew Abaria

New York

1 hour

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About this activity

This stretching session is perfect for everyone in your office, no matter their athletic background. No yoga mats or outfits required…this can be done at your own desk, in a suit and tie!

Andrew will lead your office team through a guided practice in which he’ll teach you targeted stretches for your workday. Though random stretches provide some benefit, participants will learn how a specific sequencing of certain movements will produce maximum results. Enjoy a 15-minute lecture on the science of stretching followed by a 45-minute gentle yoga session that will leave your entire office energized and productive for the rest of the workday. Whether you’re looking for more energy or to decrease stress, this workshop will provide you with the tools you’ve been looking for.


About Andrew

Andrew is a private yoga instructor who has coached leading creative executives at some of the world's most well-known companies like Walt Disney Imagineering, MTV Programming, and Paul Mitchell Hair Care Systems. Andrew is also a serious yoga practitioner currently working on a third series Ashtanga practice. He currently teaches clients all over the country and is dedicated to helping people find their full potential in their work and personal lives.

Thanks for sharing your gifts at Urban OM. People LOVED your workshop!

Neo Moreton, Urban OM studio owner

What to expect
    An overview of the benefits stretching can have on your life, including the science behind it, and practical applications.
    A guided workout session that will leave participants with more focus, energy, and ready to be productive.
Great for...
  • Refresh your workday
  • Relax and reduce tension
  • Align your body and mind
  • Learn techniques which will improve your everyday life
  • Become more productive and energetic!
You'll need to provide

No special requirements! This can be done in any clothes, even at your own desk.

  • Neo Moreton

    Urban OM studio owner

    December 2017

    Thanks for sharing your gifts at Urban OM. People LOVED your workshop!

  • Benedict Bernabe

    Studio Manager at Beyond Yoga

    October 2017

    What I liked the most about how Andrew Abaria led the workshop is his emphasis on simplicity and focus on the small moments. He found a way to show us that simple poses can be gateways to a deep practice and you don't need a complex sequence to make the practice intense. Thank you Andrew for an awesome class!

  • Nazareth Bedoya

    September 2017

    One thing that surprised me was how much this training has improved my personal life as well. Andrew is the real deal. So incredibly smart, talented, skilled, and humble!

  • Laura Liss

    July 2017

    Andrew is an incredible teacher. I have never had a teacher like Andrew before. In his class, he breaks down the poses so that they make sense (yes, even the really difficult ones!)On top of that, he is smart, patient, kind, metaphorical and funny. He is up there with the real yoga gurus— What a gift!

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Speakizi price: $500

No additional fees!