Inclusive Leadership for a Remote Workforce
The Definitive Guide to KICKASS Virtual Meetings
Matthew Cahill
60 minutes
Improve communication
Develop leadership
Dealing with organizational change

The Percipio Company is responding to these unprecedented times. One challenge faced by virtual teams is making online meetings effective. The most common mistake leaders make in preparing for a virtual meeting is that they structure it the same as an in-person meeting. Virtual meetings CAN be even more effective than in-person meetings IF you change the way you prepare and structure your virtual meetings. This workshop is designed to help leaders thrive in a virtual world.


Effectively identify blindspots associated with virtual meetings.

Hosting virtual meetings that are more effective/productive than in-person meetings.


You will learn best practices on how:

  • Management and organizers can prepare for a meeting
  • To set expectations and maximizing virtual meeting effectiveness
  • Participants can get the most out of meetings
  • To set camera, video and audio tips and tricks
  • To stay focused and on-message
  • The subtle ideas – etiquette – that make a difference
  • Roles play an integral part of every meeting including a “virtual admin”
  • To be use engagement tools like chat, polls, whiteboards and breakout rooms


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The Percipio Company is masterful at making people feel comfortable enough to ask the hard questions, and just as uncomfortable enough to know that the answers are going to cause them to re-think their own capabilities and look to how they can change and grow.


I've known Matt for about 10 years on a social basis but just recently I have launched a new business and reached out for some referrals. Matt has helped my business in some very important ways. Who you bring on board your team matters and what I like about Matt is he is a great judge of character. Quality people are drawn to him and in turn, he is drawn to them. Matt is a positive person with a kind heart but also a great judge of character. I would use Matt in any capacity where human relationships are in play. He is wonderful, caring, intelligent person.

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Partnering with Matthew to introduce Unconscious Bias to our Executive Team was a wonderful step in our company's journey to becoming a better organization.

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