Unleash your Creativity: 7 common creativity blockers and how to overcome them
Discover what gets in the way of your creativity and connect with the creative genius that lives inside of you.
Sylvana Rochet
90 minutes
Time management and productivity
Develop leadership
Inspiration and motivation
Boost creativity
Engagement and preventing burnout

Explore how to live a life where your own creative self is nourished on a regular basis. Discover what gets in the way of unleashing your creativity. Learn how to avoid burnout, listen to your intuition, and enjoy your work and relationships more each day. Hint: This won’t be about encouraging you to take a painting class to discover your inner artist, but rather we’ll go deep and connect with the creative genius that lives inside each of us, whether you’re an engineer, a scientist, or a CFO.


In this workshop, we’ll work our way through the 7 common creativity blockers and explore how to overcome each of them. You’ll walk away with a clear set of actions that you can take in your life and business starting tomorrow, in order to prime and unleash your creative juices.


Sylvana is an impactful and passionate facilitator. She delivered a workshop for Soho House members in San Francisco on the subject of “Unleashing your creativity”. Her content was thoughtful and enriching, and she presented it in a thorough, intentional way. She’s an open, clear communicator who makes the learning playful and engaging. Every participant left feeling full, learning things they had never explored before. Sylvana is an amazing teacher and we look forward to working with her again!

Soho House

This is game-changing stuff. Amazing lessons in this talk to actively apply to your life and business. I'm already planning on applying all of these traits.

Be Social Change

Sylvana is an original genius. I enjoyed this talk thoroughly. Thank you!

Fire Dash Media