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How to Write and Network Like a Pro in the Business World

A mini masterclass that transforms employees into expert communicators

Provided by:
Danny Rubin

New York

2 hours

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About this activity

This engaging and comprehensive workshop is full of actionable strategies your team will want to apply right away! Learn to improve your interoffice communication, hone your team’s professional writing skills and gain useful hacks like the best way to network to build lasting relationships. The hands-on workshop is perfect for enriching the communication skills of millennial employees or people of any age. Everyone will leave the session energized and armed with practical tips they can use immediately. Less talking, more doing! That’s what it’s all about.


About Danny

Danny is an award-winning author and speaker who teaches professionals to write, network and speak with poise and clarity. He loves to show people how a well-crafted email or memorable networking conversation can change their career (and company) forever. He is the author of two business books. His first book, "Wait, How Do I Write This Email?" contains 100+ templates relevant to networking, LinkedIn, and professional communication in general. His newest book, "Wait, How Do I Promote My Business?" is a collection of 100+ templates for website content, press releases, crowdfunding and more.

"Danny gave my team all kinds of smart strategies to promote our services -- both over email and in person. Highly recommended!"

Scott Desrosiers, ADP sales executive

What to expect

Everything is hands-on, so there’s no time to get bored or stare at your phone! Danny shares the communication strategies applicable to anyone in any industry. It’s all about our words are used in emails, on the phone, and in person.

Topics covered:

  1. Writing LinkedIn profiles
    – A professional headline, profile summary and “Experience” sections.
  2. Interoffice communication
    – The sharpest ways to share information with co-workers.
  3. Writing for sales professionals
    – “Cold-call” emails
    – Weaving storytelling into your sales pitch
    – Editing yourself to “cut the fluff”
  4. Client outreach
    – Emails for relationship building and to offer new products/services.
  5. Communication skills for millennial employees
    – How to write with brevity and speak with older colleagues.
Great for...

Attendees will emerge from the workshop as better writers and more confident networkers. That means they will write smarter emails (which leads to more business and $$$) and developer deeper relationships with potential clients (again, more $$$).

When you write well, you open doors. It’s often an “a-ha” moment for people when they recognize the power of the words we use either in writing or in conversation.

Communication skills are critical. But too often, they’re overlooked or ignored. This stuff drives new business!

You'll need to provide

This workshop is customized to your unique company. There’s nothing cookie-cutter about it!

A projector or screen for visual presentations is required for this workshop.

  • Scott Desrosiers

    ADP sales executive

    December 2017

    "Danny gave my team all kinds of smart strategies to promote our services -- both over email and in person. Highly recommended!"

  • Mike

    Public Relations Society of America

    June 2017

    Absolutely FANTASTIC session. I feel inspired. Thank you thank you, Danny, for your wise words.

  • Southwest Airlines communications team member

    June 2017

    Last week, I had a team member edit something for me, and he used the techniques we learned in Danny’s workshop. To me, that’s success!

  • Tressa Robbins

    June 2017

    Danny did a great job customizing his presentation to our audience and time frame. Plus, he was incredibly easy to work with in advance and on site, which is a godsend to any event planner!

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Speakizi price: $1500

No additional fees!