You Are What You Keep

Retooling your relationship with "stuff": what your possessions reveal about you

Provided by Sandra Goldmark
1 hour

About this Experience

TEDx speaker Sandra Goldmark turns her experience repairing household objects into a lens for how we can break the cycle of overconsumption and waste. In her approachable and energetic style, Sandra gives people the tools and the passion to take their first steps towards repairing our broken system of consumption. You’ll begin to understand why you own what you own, and what to do about it.

About Sandra Goldmark

Sandra Goldmark is a professor and entrepreneur who focuses on innovative and sustainable engagement with material culture. Sandra has designed sets and costumes for theaters around the country and is the founder of Pop Up Repair, a repair service for household items. In her work, Sandra explores the way our consumption choices affect our environmental and personal wellbeing.

  • Understanding of the history of consumer culture
  • Awareness of how you personally relate to your belongings
  • Comfort with consumerism
  • Rcognition of the value of “stuff”
What to Expect
  1. INTRO
    Examination of how the consumer system works
    How to change the status quo
    Actionable steps each of us can take today.
  4. OUTRO
    Q&A session